Pelosi Manages to Insult Americans With Her Take on Biden and the SOTU


    Joe Biden’s State of the Union is supposed to be something that tells us the state of our nation and what he has done to try to make that Union better.

    That’s going to be something of a difficult task as virtually everything he has done has made things worse — from the domestic front and the crushing inflation to foreign policy and the dual debacles of Afghanistan and Ukraine. Yet, Biden is going to try to tell us how wonderful everything is and how awesome he is.

    The only problem is that Americans don’t believe any of it. The polls are staggeringly bad for Biden and the issues with Russia and Ukraine have only made them worse. Just 23 percent of Democrats would vote for him in a Democratic primary. Meanwhile, 59 percent in a recent poll believed that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine because he saw weakness in Joe Biden. The same poll had his approval at a dismal 38 percent. Fewer than a third approve of what he has done with the Russia situation in another poll.

    MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) how Biden was going to turn all this around. “Now the polls show Americans deeply pessimistic about the economy. Inflation is only going to rise with what’s happening on the energy front with this war. Um, what do you attribute to that, um, the decline in the president’s polls — even on COVID — on how he’s handled it. Um, what can he do to turn this around?” Pelosi’s answer was not exactly inspiring.

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    “Well, I think tonight is going to be very important because for people to appreciate what the president has done and working together with the Congress, they have to know what it is,” Pelosi claimed. “President Lincoln said ‘public sentiment is everything. With it, you can accomplish almost everything. Without it practically nothing.’ But people have to know for public sentiment.”

    That sounds like a version of “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” But the problem is if he had important achievements, we would already know what they were — he wouldn’t have to be trying to convince people by telling them about his achievements. Essentially, she’s suggesting that the American people are ignorant, that they just don’t get how wonderful Joe Biden is. It’s the same thing that Biden has tried to sell, suggesting the reason the polls are bad is that Americans are too “psychologically” upset to understand and be happy with his awesomeness. How insulting is that?

    Yes, we have been through a lot in just a short time under Joe Biden and Biden has hurt a lot of people with his incompetence. But his problem isn’t that we don’t know him. His problem is that we do.

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