President Biden Needed the Ukraine/Russia Conflict Like a Hole in the Head


    The situation between Ukraine and Russia isn’t doing much for President Joe Biden, when it comes to public perceptions of his competence as the leader of the free world. Several polls have been released since the start of the military conflict showing that Americans are increasingly viewing the commander-in-chief as a weak leader, and it does not appear there is anything his administration can do to disabuse the public of this notion.

    A Gallup poll conducted between Feb. 1 through Feb. 17 showed that only 40 percent of the populace approves of Biden’s performance when it comes to foreign affairs. Even worse, only about 36 percent favored his handling of “the situation with Russia.”

    As if that weren’t bad enough, a Harvard-Harris survey published on Friday revealed that 62 percent of respondents believed that if former President Donald Trump had been in the White House, Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have moved against Ukraine. Interestingly enough, 38 percent of Democrats also held this view.

    But that’s not all, folks.

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    About 33 percent of Americans said they approved of Biden’s approach to the conflict, according to a Washington Post- ABC News poll, which also found 47 percent indicating Biden’s handling of the matter was so abysmal that Taylor Swift could have done a better job. Okay, I may have embellished that last part a bit.

    But even worse for Biden is that 48 percent of Americans believe America’s leadership on the international stage weakened under the geriatric authoritarian who is currently occupying the White House. Only 23 percent actually believed it had become stronger, which is evidence that Biden’s crack pipe program has been a resounding success.

    As the situation progresses, these numbers will likely only get lower than they already are, which would be quite a feat. When even the activist media is unable to spin this story hard enough to fool the American public into believing that Biden is not screwing the proverbial pooch on this matter, you know Biden and his merry band of Democrats are in more trouble than Rep. Eric Swalwell with an alluring Chinese agent.

    Let’s face it: Biden has led the Democratic Party into an utter disaster during his first year in office, and it does not appear the left will be able to dig themselves out of the hole anytime soon. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was terrible enough. Biden’s weakness when it comes to Ukraine and Russia is simply inexcusable. In her speech at CPAC, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem castigated the president for his ineptitude. “The last 48 hours has shown us what happens when America projects weakness,” she said. “That is exactly what President Biden has done.”

    The question is: How much more disastrous can this presidency get?

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