WH Effort to Clean up Stumbling Joe’s Russia Remarks Makes It Even Worse


    White House press secretary Jen Psaki took a lot of questions on Tuesday about Russia invading Ukraine (again or still, if you like) during her briefing.

    But if you thought that she would provide any greater sense than her stumbling, slurring boss, you would be mistaken.

    Psaki said they wanted to “avoid a large-scale invasion” of Ukraine by Russia.

    They still can’t escape from Biden’s “minor incursion” remark, which signaled to Putin that Biden wasn’t going to respond with the toughest sanctions. Putin has Biden’s number; he knows that, even now, they’re still having difficulty calling it an “invasion.”

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    Jen? Thousands of Russian troops have reportedly poured across the border. That’s an invasion, whatever modifier you guys want to put on it or however you might try to downplay it. It’s here, you should have pulled out the sanctions long ago. But, they’re still holding back, because of this nonsense that it’s not the “full invasion.” They’re still failing to ship lethal aid to Ukraine. President Donald Trump got impeached for much less, over the ridiculous excuse that he was denying Ukraine. What would you call this complete failure that Biden has done?

    Democrats are so delusional, they make statements like: the greatest threat we face is from global warming. Yet at the same time, they fail to recognize real threats, such as those from Russia and China. Remember when Barack Obama downplayed any threat in 2012 during his campaign against Mitt Romney?

    Saying that global warming is the worst, and there’s no current cyber threat from Russia, is an indication that she doesn’t even understand what’s going on here. This delusion is dangerous because they haven’t taken other threats seriously. Unfortunately, not only is Biden messing up as regards Putin, but it’s also sending a signal to China of how weak he is — and that’s like to provoke more trouble.

    Fox’s Peter Doocy asked Psaki about Biden’s campaign claim that if he were in office, Putin’s days of tyranny and intimidating Eastern Europe would be over. Yet, here they are with Biden in office, and Putin trying to intimidate again.

    Psaki’s response? She wouldn’t call it that. Well, what would you call it then, when you refuse to deal with Russia with strength? When you put off — again and again — any real measures that might stop them? There’s no other way to describe it, apart from intimidation or bending over for Russia. Dare we say — even more “flexible” than Obama?

    But then Psaki moved from being delusional into straight-up lying. Here she is trying to say how Biden was never a supporter of Nord Stream 2, and that they put sanctions on it to make that very clear.

    What? He infamously waived sanctions on the pipeline last May, allowing it to be completed. Then, when Sen. Ted Cruz (D-TX) tried to get sanctions put back on the pipeline in January with a bill in Congress, Joe Biden lobbied against it, with Democrats even resorting to the filibuster rule that they had been decrying as “Jim Crow.” Biden didn’t feel pre-emptive sanctions on Nord Stream 2 were the right move, Psaki said, “but look where we are.” Exactly, stuck with Biden, wrong again.

    Remember they talked about how the sanctions were going to be “swift and severe” on Putin? Not so much. Psaki admits here that they may not have an immediate impact.

    Oh. So, I’m sure that’s going to put Putin off. Not.

    Psaki even had the gall to suggest that things were better under Biden than under Trump because Biden had rallied world leaders to act against Russia.

    Um, need we remind her that Putin invasions didn’t happen under Trump because of his strength? That this is happening when Putin knows we have weak Democrats in charge. Putin knows he will get less pushback.

    Psaki acknowledged what Biden had said during his remarks — that the sanctions could have an impact on Americans.

    This is after Biden has not only cut our ability to produce our energy but increased our buying of oil from Russia exponentially during his time in office. That makes absolutely no sense — unless you want to help Russia and hurt the United States. As I said last month, his failure to deal with Russia is going to hit us in the wallet.

    But don’t worry, ol’ Joe has a “plan.” He can’t tell us what it is. He hasn’t done anything to drop prices already; indeed, everything he has done has just made us more dependent on others.

    He has a plan — like he had a plan to end coronavirus or bring down prices before this. All he has done has been to release reserves, rather than increase our production.

    Psaki didn’t succeed in cleaning up any of the mess from Biden’s Russia remarks. Instead, she just made it worse, revealing how lacking they have been, right down the line, on this issue.

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