Biden Has Been Outsmarted Again, AKA a Day Ending in ‘Y’


    Former VP Joe Biden was rewarded by his former boss with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and lasting moniker: A screw-up

    “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F**K things up,” was what Barack Obama reportedly said about Joe.

    My buddy Duke noted what Robert Gates said of Biden — that he hasn’t been right about anything in 40 years. Gates said that almost 10 years ago.

    Yet, the media glorified a nascent presidency, like he was Churchill reborn. He never was. He never will, or could, be. Perhaps Chamberlain. Because Biden is a screw-up. His image of a tough-guy is real, but only in his own mind.

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    Time magazine’s cover art was another myth. Time imagined him with more hair than he had at 25, and with a Dirty Harry, “go ahead, make my day” look. It scared no one, least of all, a thug like Putin among world leaders.

    Biden’s aviator glasses intimate no one.

    Putin is playing chess, while Biden longs for a lazy game of checkers.

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