Ted Cruz Skewers AOC When She Posts Cringeworthy Tweet to Him


    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) went to Texas to campaign for two progressive candidates in the state. But she truly had a delusional moment, saying that it was “inevitable” that the red state would turn blue.

    From Daily Mail:

    ‘Texas turning blue. Inevitable. Inevitable! It will happen. The only question is when,’ the New York progressive representative said on Saturday.

    ‘We are going to fight for a living wage. We’re going to make sure we unionize the hell out of this state,’ she continued, claiming that their support of Medicare for All, unions, and reproductive freedoms all contribute to her backing

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    Ocasio Cortez, 32, said that she feels if the deeply red state of Texas can flip, then the entire country will follow. Texas is the most populous red state, holding 38 Electoral College votes and 36 representatives in the U.S. House.

    It’s not happening. Everyone in Texas needs to get out to vote and, certainly, in some areas, they are more Democratic. The folks that she came out to support are both running for seats held by Democrats. Jessica Cisneros is running to try to oust the more moderate and the more popular Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), the Democrat who wants enforcement at the border. He’s a big one that the radicals want to knock out in the primary. But in terms of making any appreciable gains, this is something Democrats delude themselves about every election. They spend a lot of money on waste, like Beto O’Rourke, only to turn up with failure. When AOC the socialist comes out, it’s basically like waving a red flag to the GOP encouraging people to come out. It’s important, especially in this election, to turn out the vote in any contested areas or areas that we can grab back.

    But what was hilarious about AOC’s effort was that during the Texas effort, she was dancing with another woman and tried to do some weird poke at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), “Ted Cruz could never.”

    One presumes that she means Cruz can’t dance. Now, I have no idea whether he can or not. But he certainly outshines her in Constitutional understanding and application which is by far more important than her adolescent jabs. Maybe he’s busy doing his job instead of dancing?

    But people recalled that when she was criticized for partying it up maskless in Miami while being all-in for mask mandates elsewhere, she accused Republican critics of wanting to date her in a weird rant meant to deflect from her actions and hypocrisy.

    So people had some fun ratioing her about wanting to “date” Cruz, telling her she didn’t have a chance, with Seattle Radio host Jason Rantz observing that yes, “Ted Cruz would never send a thirsty tweet like this? Agreed. @tedcruz could never.” But just maybe people don’t take you seriously when you don’t take your job seriously and tweet like a 10th grader?

    Ted Cruz then finished her off with the perfect response.

    “True that. @aoc Only Dems can be such shameless mask hypocrites. Dance while you make the ‘little people’ mask up. #RulesForTheeButNotForMe,” Cruz tweeted.

    While AOC isn’t masked, the security guy is as is the woman with whom she’s dancing. Jessica Cisneros posted a picture of AOC campaigning for her and one of the other candidates, Greg Casar, which also said it all.

    Notice the progressive candidates are all unmasked, but the help and the peons in the audience are masked. Then AOC is going to go back to New York where the kids are still required to wear masks all day in class because AOC gets to do what she wants while the children suffer.

    These are the Democrats — all wrapped up in one hypocritical package.

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