Media Silence on Clinton’s Alleged Spying Campaign Against Trump Tells Us Something Important


    Remember back when the activist media mocked the very idea that special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russiagate hoax would turn up anything substantive? Members of our vaunted Fourth Estate harangued those supporting the probe, suggesting it was based on nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

    When then-President Donald Trump raised the idea that Democrats were spying on him to cook up false narratives tying him to Russia, members of the press scoffed, suggesting he was making the whole thing up. “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl argued he had no proof. “There’s no real evidence,” she said. “This is ’60 Minutes.’ We can’t put on things we can’t verify.”

    CNN media activist Don Lemon and his former colleague Chris Cuomo also attempted to cast doubt on the theory. Fox News reports:

    Meanwhile, former CNN dynamic duo Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo criticized John Durham and the Trump administration back in December 2019 for being adamant about uncovering the truth, yet coming up short. “Nothing happens and they just move on to the next conspiracy theory,” Lemon said to Cuomo during a handover. “It is never going to end and guess what? People who want to believe that BS are going to believe it.”

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    In October last year, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who established herself as the left’s foremost Russiagate conspiracy theorist over the past few years, claimed the objective behind Durham’s investigation was to distract attention away from supposed illegal acts committed by Trump.

    “It’s a boomerang,” she bloviated. “Because it’s apparently an ongoing, concerted Republican and pro-Trump project to try to turn the investigation of the Russia scandal into some kind of scandal itself.”

    But, now that Durham’s report has been released, the activist media is eerily quiet. I would imagine that calls to the nation’s mainstream media outlets regarding the report would be answered by a choir of crickets.

    As of this writing, if you were to go to the front pages of CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, The Washington Post, NBC News, and other high-profile activist media organizations, you would be treated to headlines related to Ukraine, the Super Bowl, and a smattering of COVID-19. But if you were looking for any reportage on Durham’s report, you would be met with a heaping pile of nothing.

    On Saturday, Durham released a filing alleging the Hillary Clinton campaign hired techies to “infiltrate” Trump Tower and White House servers to concoct a narrative about a shady connection between Trump and the Kremlin. The objective was to prompt a federal investigation into the former president’s campaign and to convince the public that he was in league with the Russian government.

    The Russia collusion hoax became a prevailing narrative in the first couple of years of Trump’s presidency. Democrats, with the zealous help of the activist media, fed a consistent line to the American people insisting Trump’s election was illegitimate because he worked with the Kremlin to steal the race.

    Now, the media’s silence speaks volumes.

    The revelations coming from John Durham’s investigation have placed the press in a sticky spot. Even now, they are likely trying to figure out how they will handle the matter. Will they ignore it? Or will they attempt to spin it?

    It is not easy to tell, but there is one possibility that we must consider. The silence of the Fourth Estate seems to suggest something important: The press knows Durham’s filing is likely accurate. If this development was a nothingburger, they would not be silent. They would eagerly publish op-ed after op-ed debunking his accusations. Even if there were room for spin, they would at least try to convince their audience that there is no “there” there.

    Of course, their silence could also signify that they are going to wait for more information to come out before addressing the issue. With more information, perhaps they would find it easier to skew their reportage in a way that gets the audience to believe this is not a scandal.

    Either way, we can be sure of one thing: The possibility is high that Durham’s investigation has turned up a smoking gun. If this is the case, activist media will not be able to ignore it forever.

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