Even Obama Knows Democrats Are Totally Screwed


    You know things are bad for Democrats when even the charismatic former President Barack Obama doesn’t have much encouragement to give about the upcoming midterm elections. The former chief executive addressed House Democrats during a conference call Thursday, in which he made a valiant attempt to encourage left-leaning lawmakers as they head towards an almost certain shellacking in November.

    CBS News reported:

    Former President Obama exhorted House Democrats to celebrate their accomplishments on the campaign trail, rather than dwell on the setbacks they’ve faced, as they try to defend their slim majority in the midterm elections this year.

    Obama, the featured keynote speaker during the caucus’ virtual messaging summit Thursday, told lawmakers to “take the wins you can get” and it “doesn’t help to whine about the stuff you can’t change,” according to two sources familiar with the conversation. He argued that they have a more compelling message in selling what their legislative successes mean to voters, rather than campaigning from a defensive crouch, one source said.

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    Phrases like “take the wins you can get” and “it doesn’t help to whine about the stuff you can’t change” is the type of pep talk you might give to someone like myself, if I were being forced to step into a ring with John Cena. We may not have been in on that conversation, but if this part is any indication, Obama seems more like he was preparing Democrats for the losses they will sustain than spurring them on to victory.

    Obama urged Democratic lawmakers to “aggressively highlight the progress President Biden and congressional Democrats have made on issues from COVID-19 to the economy.” Apparently, Barry hasn’t been paying attention to the polls. Otherwise, he would have known that recent surveys showed the American public isn’t too keen on how Biden has handled the coronavirus and the economy.

    An NBC News poll showed that about 60 percent of respondents disapproved of the president’s handling of the economy and 53 percent did not approve of his handling of the pandemic. Highlighting Uncle Joe’s performance on these matters doesn’t seem like a winning idea, does it?

    For his part, President Biden has been trying to bank on the bipartisan infrastructure law to stem the downward trajectory of his popularity. However, other than this, there is very little for Democrats to run on and far too much for Republicans to attack. Moreover, the president’s crappy approval ratings will undoubtedly affect House Democrats seeking to keep their seats.

    Even worse, issues like crime, education, and immigration will also play significant parts in the Democrats’ eventual defeat. Woke district attorneys and the “defund the police” movement are overwhelmingly unpopular with American voters, regardless of political affiliation. Leftists pushing woke theology in the classroom under the guise of “teaching history” aren’t fooling anyone, and parents are pushing back against attempts to influence students with concepts derived from Critical Race Theory (CRT). Moreover, despite the activist media’s attempts to downplay the issue, Biden’s migrant crisis still looms large, especially when it comes to fentanyl overdoses.

    In a nutshell, the Democrats are doomed, and they know it. Not even their Messiah can save them. But he had to at least try, didn’t he?

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