Biden Promises Massive Tax Cut for People Earning Under $400,000 per Year


    People are beginning to love it when Joe Biden makes a mess with his mouth. Some of the things that he says make absolutely no sense at all. Then there are the other times when what he says causes people to want to impeach the man for being so hurtful and careless with his power. He is a man that is out of control and he doesn’t even realize it.

    Biden and his wife took a trip together to tell Americans about more of the harm they are seeking to place on people. He already wants to drop a $2 trillion American Jobs mess on people under the lie of it creating “infrastructure” jobs. But his definition of what infrastructure looks like is nothing more than a socialist’s dream.

    His trip to Virginia was not a honeymoon moment for the couple. It was a horror fest as he announced that he was seeking to strip away another $1.8 trillion of people’s money to implement the American Families Plan. He is secretly creeping up to the insane amount that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants for her new deal.

    Mental Biden certainly has issues in his brain. No one in their right mind would propose such insane amounts of debt for a country that is already neck-deep in debt. But when he stated his next blooper, people really hoped it was true.

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    He started to say that “The reason I’m going to do this is because I keep hearing on the press, ‘Biden is going to raise your taxes. Anybody making less than $400,00 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes, and we will not increase the deficit either, unlike the last gigantic tax cut, which increased the deficit by $2 trillion.”

    He stated that people earning under a certain amount would pay no more taxes. His mental blunder shows how he no longer thinks clearly enough to think through his speeches and check them for errors. But if he wants to take away taxes, then there is no one that is going to stand in his way except the Democrats because they love money.

    Reality sets in and most people realize that in order to spend the kind of money he wants to dump into worthless programs is going to kill the livelihood of the working class. Taxes are going to get so high that people will no longer be able to pay their bills and they will lose their homes because of Biden’s greed.

    Joe Biden is a man full of lies. He is going to spend money on things that are worthless. And he is going to raise taxes to levels that have never been seen in America before. He had once promised that he would not raise taxes on the $400,000 level. But in order to implement his plans, he is going to have to raise them a lot.

    When old Biden speaks everyone must wait for Jen Psaki to come and give the speech that Biden should have provided. She has to clear up the fog of delusion just so the media has something to twist out of context before airing it to the country.

    Another lie that Biden stated was that everyone would receive a $2,000 stimulus check, but he opted to send only $1,400. His campaign promise was left in the trash as moved forward and forgot about what he had said to people. People that voted for him because of the money were left holding an empty bag as they were shafted with no hope to look forward to.

    In order for Biden to pay for all of his wishes, he is going to have to raise taxes on everyone. They will get so high that people can no longer afford the necessities in life and will not be able to live the life they are accustomed to having. In essence, Biden seeks to destroy the American dream.

    The world that Biden wants to live in mirrors that of Venezuela. He may think that America will never slip into that kind of world. But they thought the same things and now they are living in a failed nation-state because of the greed of one man.

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