The Smear on the Freedom Convoy–and a Concerning Question to Jen Psaki


    Now, I’ve been watching coverage of the Freedom Convoy protests across Canada, and I have to say I have a lot of admiration for what the truckers and other protesters are doing there, for the freedom of all. It’s been an inspiration to the United States and across the world, with other countries taking up the same thought as well. Truckers in the U.S. are also trying to organize a convoy to D.C., despite an effort by Facebook to try to shut them down.

    It’s all based upon a simple idea — one that liberals seem to think is very dangerous: Freedom. And the belief that we all, as human beings, are born with certain individual rights that should not be infringed upon by the government. That’s what the people are out protesting for.

    It’s simple, but if you listen to some of the officials in Ottawa, you would think the truckers are smashing and destroying things like the BLM/Antifa, rather than giving out food to everyone including the homeless, as well as setting up bouncy houses for kids. It’s the “mostly peaceful” protest that the media claimed BLM was.

    But some, like Ottawa city councilor Diane Deans — the chair of the police services board — are losing their minds over this. She’s termed it an “insurrection,” but she’s now also implying it’s an effort backed by the United States to overthrow their democracy. If you want to see a brain burning up on liberalism, that’s this lady right here.

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    Deans called it a “nationwide insurrection” last week because the truckers are “torturing residents with excessive honking.”

    “This group is a threat to our democracy… This is a nationwide insurrection. This is madness. We need to put an end to this now,” she ranted.

    She has an issue with honking… did she somehow miss the BLM protests? “Preventing them from leading their lives”? Well, first, I don’t think that’s true. But doesn’t she see the irony in Canada depriving its citizens of the ability to do lead their lives and go to their jobs under the mandates, yet she’s objecting to having her life interrupted?

    But now she’s gotten worse, going into completely nutty conspiracy theories, in a livestream I watched. She claimed this week that this was “an organized, professional, sophisticated organization.”

    “This is not people from some small community in rural Alberta who came to Ottawa to air a grievance, about vaccine mandates or border policies. This is far beyond this. This is an international effort coming out of the – primarily, I believe, out of the United States of America – that is intended to disrupt our democracy locally. And you can see the sophistication and the effort which is happening here, with their tactics. These are brazen tactics, the likes of which we have not seen before in this country.”

    She then went completely over the slide. “This is not freedom – what they are fighting for – they are fighting to take away our democracy and overthrow our government.” I’m sure that this is going to come as a surprise to all the rural Canadians involved.

    Deans even went further, accusing people of “sedition” and “treason.” It’s an “attack on our democracy, it’s an attack on our federal government,” and “it’s right out of the Trump playbook,” she claimed. How is it possible to have people this delusional in such positions of power?

    So now, if that wasn’t delusional enough, Reuters’ Andrea Shalal asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday if the Biden Administration was “investigating” whether the truckers were “getting support from conservative forces or right-wing forces in the U.S.”

    Psaki didn’t answer the question, talking about it not having too much of a CBP impact. But why would the Biden Administration be investigating protests? And why would they be investigating political beliefs? Talk about a troubling direction that this reporter is pushing. This should concern everyone, when they go in this direction.

    Psaki’s response should have been: we don’t investigate protests. Instead, she deflected and didn’t say that.

    I do not doubt that there are Americans on the right — and frankly, on the left — who are supportive of the Freedom Convoy because they support the call to do away with the mandates. And so? They should be investigated for it? America has supported freedom around the world since its inception because we understand how precious it is, and we identify with people who stand up for it like the truckers. Rather than being very delusional about it, maybe the proper response for Canadian officials is to listen to what they are saying and respond — stop disrupting and destroying their lives.

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