Elon Musk Drops a Hypocrisy Bomb All Over GoFundMe on the Freedom Convoy


    As we previously wrote, the Freedom Convoy truckers in Canada had raised a tremendous amount of money for their support through GoFundMe. GoFundMe first paused the account to review it, then declared they weren’t going to give the truckers the money because “[w]e now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation with police reports of violence and unlawful activity.”

    GoFundMe said that people who had donated would have to apply to get their money back, and if they didn’t do it by the deadline of February 19, the money would be given to other causes GFM selected.

    First, it should be noted this was not just a decision by GFM, it was precipitated by the liberal government to shut down protests that they didn’t like. Talk about a violation of free speech. Jim Watson, the liberal mayor of the city of Ottawa, admits they were behind it.

    Second, how hypocritical is it of GFM to claim that they will pull the money because it has “become an occupation,” when they tweeted in support of actions at the CHOP, the BLM occupation of an area of Seattle. They even did that in July 2020 — that was after the murders in the CHOP, including the shooting of two black teens, reportedly by BLM security. That’s not to mention all the other illegal activity in the area. BLM/Antifa can attack hundreds of cops across the U.S., but truckers honking their horns in Canada before 9 p.m. must be shut down, according to the liberal Canadian government of Justin Trudeau and Jim Watson.

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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now taking aim at GoFundMe, by dropping a hypocrisy bomb on them. He cites GoFundMe’s tweet supporting activities in the CHOP.

    The Twitter embed function cuts off the top of his tweet which shows it’s GFM’s tweet.

    He also was not shy about calling GFM “thieves.”

    Now, after the backlash, as we reported earlier, GoFundMe decided that they were just going to automatically refund the money to the people who donated rather than play this game with the money. But they’re still taking it out of the pockets of the truckers to whom it was meant, and I think that’s what Musk was trying to say.

    GoFundMe has long since proven it’s not a safe avenue for anyone to make donations because they are completely political in their approach. The convoy has started a new fundraiser at GiveSendGo, a Christian funding site. It’s already racked up a lot of money just since yesterday, as they note. The link is down now. If you want to donate, make sure you have the correct account.

    Rumble is offering to help out.

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