Biden Tells the Most Shameless Lie Yet and Descends Into Babbling


    Politicians often lie. But with Joe Biden, we ought to have a counter on the website — for how many days in a row that he can go without a lie. It would be permanently stuck at zero. Because it seems, virtually every day, he tells another lie. With Biden, he tells so many lies, it’s hard to keep up. There are the ones that are to puff himself up personally, to make himself look like he has something in common with the people he’s talking to, like being a tractor-trailer driver or being arrested in the Civil Rights movement.

    Then there are the ones about his actions or policies — like the claim that Build Back Better doesn’t cost anything.

    On Friday, Biden told a huge whopper that falls into that second category while talking to construction workers in Maryland. This is completely shameless, as Biden claims, “Unless the product I’m purchasing for the American people was made in America…we ain’t buying it.”

    Imagine the absolute gall it takes to lie like this.

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    Just a reminder of my report on Jan. 24, after I got the Biden COVID tests: they were made in China.

    Not only did he get them from China, and is now telling us a bald-faced lie, he entered into contracts directly with a Chinese company to get the tests, paying them more than $1.28 billion dollars for millions of the tests. So, after all they did with COVID, China is being enriched by Biden.

    Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) and Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) put forth a bill to stop the buying of tests from China.

    “Unfortunately, instead of supporting American manufacturing, the Biden administration is handing nearly $1.3 billion of taxpayer funds to a company in Communist China,” Scott said. “The Biden administration’s willingness to fund the Communist Chinese economy, instead of the American economy, is a disgrace.”

    It’s especially disgraceful given China’s blatant dishonesty regarding COVID. But Biden and the Democrats don’t seem to care about that. The Democrats blocked the bill. Now Biden is lying to our faces.

    Biden also let loose with this inspiring bit of babbling today and refused to take questions.

    Biden took off his mask to talk to the workers and told them not to jump. I suppose we’re lucky he didn’t say that he’d once been a construction worker.

    Here’s Biden without a mask despite telling all of us it’s a “patriotic duty.” Except he doesn’t need to, of course.

    Where’s that mask Karen who went after Gov. Glenn Youngkin when you need her? I’m just guessing that she wouldn’t yell the same things at Biden, despite Biden being the hypocrite about masks.

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