Yikes: Biden Gets Bad Grades From Governors and Jill Leads Him off the Stage


    Joe Biden had a meeting with the governors this week to talk about issues including COVID. The bipartisan group told him they thought the time had come to “move away from the pandemic.” Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson spoke for the group, saying that they asked Biden “to help give us clear guidelines on how we can return to a greater state of normality” and that they wanted to “partner with the administration” in order to “move beyond the pandemic.” Biden’s response? “We’ve got a way to go on that.” In other words, no soap.

    It’s just one of the areas where he seems at odds with reality and what’s going on in the world. But just like everyone else, the governors aren’t happy with him either. Some of the governors panned him giving him a Biden a failing or poor review, and a generous “D,” when asked to grade his White House performance.

    “The group cited a lack of communication, inflation, and the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Fox Carolina reported.

    But it’s not hard to understand why his communication might be bad when he seems to be confused all the time. Today, during his remarks about cancer he did that creepy whispering thing yet again.

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    I’m not even sure what he was trying to say there. I’m not sure he even knew. But why can’t his handlers tell him that comes across so badly?

    “It’s bold,” Biden said about their renewed effort to reduce cancer. “It’s ambitious. But it’s completely doable. Just as we harnessed the size to develop cutting-edge, COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, we’ll bring a fierce sense of urgency to the fight against cancer.

    “We” didn’t develop COVID vaccines, President Donald Trump did. And if Biden can’t even deal with COVID, how is he going to address cancer, which he also promised to cure?

    But at the end of the remarks, Biden seemed not to be clear which way he was supposed to exit the stage. He also forgot to put back on his mask, once again failing in what he calls his “patriotic duty.” He shook everyone’s hand, forgetting about that whole bumping elbows thing. He had to be reminded by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) to put his mask back on.

    Klobuchar then patted Biden on the arm, like a ‘good boy’ pat. But then as he goes back across the stage, he pulls it down to talk again. This is like a “how-to” lesson in how not to wear a mask.

    However, the clip that got the most comment from people was where after Biden wandered back across the stage, he seemed to be led off by his wife. This didn’t look good at all, and his shuffling gait is concerning as well.

    How can his people do this to him? What must our enemies think when they see this? It’s shameful that this is where we are now, it’s getting worse — and we have three more years of this. We need to crush the midterms because that’s the only way there’s going to be any check to the insanity in the White House now.

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