Stunning Poll Shows How Many Want to Impeach Biden


    We’ve seen Joe Biden’s approval numbers in the basement now for months across the board on every issue with no signs of recovery. Indeed, if anything the numbers have gotten worse. The numbers began to plummet in August of last year after Americans saw firsthand how Biden created the debacle, how badly he handled it, and how he left Americans behind in Afghanistan. An ABC/Ipsos poll I reported on Sunday shows that he was getting rejected on a variety of issues including 75 percent thinking the Biden economy was poor, 76 percent rejecting his position of only considering black women for the SCOTUS vacancy to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, and only 29 percent supporting him sending troops to Eastern Europe over the Russia-Ukraine issue.

    Now the polls have moved on not just from being unhappy, but that they want action taken.

    In a poll from Rasmussen Reports, 50 percent of likely voters said that they backed impeaching Joe Biden over his actions regarding the border and the Afghanistan withdrawal. 33 percent strongly support it. 45 percent oppose it. Not only do half support it, but 45 percent expect it to happen if the Republicans take back Congress.

    Perhaps two of the most interesting aspects of the poll? 50 percent of black people supported impeaching Biden and 34 percent of Democrats. Those are astounding numbers.

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    When they were asked what they thought about the impeachment of President Donald Trump, Rasmussen found that 47 percent believed it a “bad thing,” 36 percent considered it a “good thing,” and 16 percent said it “did not make much difference.” So more thought it was bad than good by a fair amount.

    Another thing that’s fascinating about these numbers is that this is despite a media phalanx almost constantly stumping for Biden while attacking President Donald Trump. So this is the public opinion coming to the fore despite the media narrative, not because of it.

    Multiple members of Congress have also raised the question now of impeaching Biden over his handling of the border. After the news about the leaked video from last year of the illegal aliens being flown around the country, including to New York, Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) blasted Biden.

    “This is a complete, aggravated dereliction of duty, which is why last night on Twitter I called for Joe Biden to be impeached and removed. His primary obligation as the commander-in-chief and president of the United States is to enforce our laws, to live up to his oath, to enforce our border security and to tell the truth to the American people,” Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., told “Fox & Friends.”

    Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) also said he didn’t think it was “out of the realm of possibility because of all of the abuses of the Biden administration.”

    “I think what the Department of Homeland Security has done to undermine American sovereignty, to open up our borders to undercut wages and jobs for American workers is probably the most egregious…and they’re open about it. [DHS] Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has said it in speeches…that being illegally present in the country is no longer even a priority for deportation. They admit these things publicly.”

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) have also raised the specter of impeachment.

    What this is showing is that not only isn’t Biden buffaloing the public, Americans want him held to account for his actions.

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