Joe Biden’s America: Illegal Border Crossings in 2022 Set to Smash All-Time Record


    Let’s start this one a bit differently than I usually do, with some raw data and a few relevant facts — both of which are anathema to the Democrat Party — right upfront. Consider the following from Princeton Policy Advisors, (PPA), which tracks and predicts illegal border crossings.

    According to [a Jan. 14] court filing, 170,191 persons were apprehended at the US southwest border in December. This is 4,400 higher than the previous month and a record over the next highest December by 100,000.

    That is, December apprehensions were 140% higher than the previous record December and were running at a pace 4.4 times the historical average for the month.

    Moreover, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data, there were 178,840 total (illegal) “migrant” encounters in December, up from 173,620 in November, as noted by Fox News. That, in turn, was an increase from the 164,753 apprehensions in October — and drastically higher than in 2020, when there were “only” 72,113 encounters in November and 73,994 in December. Yet, the Biden border band plays on.

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    The bottom line, as noted by CBP: Southwest border apprehensions for calendar-year 2021 came in at 1.944 million, a staggering 333,000 above the prior record of 1.610 million set in 2000 during the Clinton administration. Ah, but the “best” is yet to come, courtesy of — on purpose — Joe Biden.

    Border analyst Steven Kopits of PPA states, in what he calls the group’s “first preliminary forecast” for 2022, what should be obvious to Biden and the Democrats:

    Democrats should put themselves on suicide watch. It is hard to overstate the disgrace of the Biden administration’s border policy.

    This is not a matter of Democrats or Republicans, but rather the unbending incompetence of the Biden administration.

    So, 2022?

    Former federal immigration judge Andrew Arthur, now an analyst with the Center for Immigration Studies, agreed with the analysis and warning from Kopits — and reported that illegal crossing numbers “will exceed 2.1 million” this year, adding that these numbers “have never been seen before at the Southwest border.”

    Of course, these numbers have before been seen; Biden could have installed one-way, northbound people movers all along the southern border, hired welcoming mariachi bands, and handed out bags of cash to every illegal alien streaming across and, to paraphrase Hillary, what difference would it have made?

    Here’s how Kopit put it:

    Since March 2021, apprehensions have averaged a stratospheric 177,000 / month, with a minimum of 160,000 and a maximum of 200,000. Given the comparatively steady pace of apprehensions, we might expect recent experience under the Biden administration to continue.

    Under such circumstances, we forecast 2.1 million apprehensions for both calendar year and fiscal year 2022, both records besting not only all other administrations but even the Biden administration’s disastrous first year.

    The dirty little non-secret: Let’s play “Let’s Pretend.”

    If Gallup, Quinnipiac, Harris, or any other reputable polling organization sent canvassers to the southern border to poll illegal “immigrants” which party they’d support, if they eventually become U.S. citizens and are given the right to vote, and the majority said Republican, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, Kamala Harris, and CNN would rush to the border, lock arms, and form a human chain from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico in a frantic “Custer’s Last Stand” effort to keep them the hell out of the country.

    Those aren’t the results the pollsters would find — not yet, that is.

    Which is why the Biden Border Crisis(TM) will continue with no end in sight.

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