There’s a Glaring Problem With a Pic Biden Released of His Call With Zelensky


    As I reported Thursday night, there were a lot of questions raised on Thursday about the call that Joe Biden had with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. CNN reported that it did not go well and that Biden told Zelensky to brace for impact, the Russian invasion was coming, and that Kyiv might be “sacked.”

    I posted this video in my story.

    But then, the White House and Ukraine denied that that call had gone badly and that Biden said “sacked.” As I noted, the problem was that both the White House and Ukraine have cause to not say if the call didn’t go well or if Biden said bad things because the White House doesn’t want the gaffes out there, and Ukraine doesn’t need more panic or the White House cutting off their support.

    So, Republicans and others began calling to release the transcript of the call, to clarify just what had been said.

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    People began making comparisons to the phone call between President Donald Trump and Zelensky, where Democrats called to release the transcript. Then, CNN began deleting all their mentions of their report, including that video above.

    Now there’s a new question and, again, it’s all on the head of Joe Biden’s actions.

    Biden has now released a picture — allegedly a photo of his call to Zelensky.

    But immediately — just like with the rigged chart that Biden was busted on about the economy — people noticed an issue. That appears to be the White House and not his fake staged White House. But look out the window: those are fully green trees, when it’s winter in D.C.

    So, it would appear that’s a stock photo. Now, that’s a problem when it’s purported to be a picture of his call with Zelensky because such things become the historical record. This is a very problematic move, and then it raises another question: why isn’t there an actual picture of the call, as you would normally have for such things? Why are they pulling out a stock picture and trying to sell it as a current picture? Not to mention that the photo isn’t a particularly good one for this purpose. I think they thought it showed him looking resolute, but instead, he appears concerned/confused/angry.

    The Republicans responded to his picture.

    Not a good look by the White House. Release the transcripts.

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