California Redistricting Gives Republicans a Chance to Flip Another Seat, and a Primary Contender Is Already Creating Buzz


    You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    In a state like California, it’s easy to see things as irrevocably grim. Our state disasters are national stories. We’re a national embarrassment and with Democrats having such an overwhelming grip on the electorate, it seems impossible that things will ever change. However, the state’s recent redistricting and loss of a congressional seat due to population flight has opened up some new opportunities on the political stage.

    Republicans in the 25th District (represented by Mike Garcia) received a bit of a blow when redistricting removed the traditionally red city of Simi Valley and placed it in the 26th. Garcia says he was disappointed but feels confident there are still enough Republican votes in his new 27th District to hold the line. However, the 26th District is currently a Democrat seat (represented by Julia Brownley). With the addition of Simi Valley, some estimates have the Republican vote increasing there by at least five percent or more. This puts that blue seat into a competitive stance. With over 28 Democrats from around the country already refusing to run for reelection under this tumultuous administration, the doors are opening both locally and nationally for a political sea-change.

    Enter Fadde Mikhail, a young entrepreneur and successful sports agent from Agoura Hills. Mikhail is a new kind of Republican. Young, fresh, culturally connected. No offense to the suits and ties out there who have been holding it down for so long, but there’s something very refreshing about a political candidate whose wardrobe doesn’t come exclusively from Jos A. Bank.

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    Mikhail hopes to make history and become a part of the Red Tide in 2022 by flipping the 26th district and leading the charge of a new generation of Republican representatives who are a little brasher, a little more aggressive, but who are also connected to American traditions and the American Dream.

    Mikhail’s website says he was born to Egyptian immigrant parents, who fled their country to escape religious persecution. A vicious attack left Mikhail’s father deaf, forcing the young man to step up and take on more and more responsibilities for his family.

    But this is the American Dream, isn’t it? It’s a dream that begins in struggle and pain, but creates fighters who learn to take advantage of all that our nation has to offer in order to thrive and provide for their own families. Some of those dreamers take that dream further. When they finally begin to grasp their success, they extend their American Dream to their own community. That seems to be what the young father and husband aims to do.

    In a statement to RedState, Mikhail says that despite the bleak outlook when it comes to Republican representation from the state, when it comes to the nitty-gritty of daily life, all Californians are dealing with the same problems, regardless of their affiliations.

    All Californians-regardless of party affiliation-see their water bills going up and with added restrictions. Families are filling their gas tanks as they can because of high gas prices. Children are forced to walk through homeless encampments on their way to and home from school, while avoiding human waste landmines and drug addicts. Homes and cars are being broken into; catalytic converter thefts are on the rise due to the valuable metals they contain; and in some cases, cars are being intentionally set on fire. Education in California is 40th in the nation, with 74 percent of young people ages 17-24 ineligible to join the military due to physical hindrances, criminal history, or lack of education. I could continue, but one thing these issues have in common is that they aren’t Republican or Democrat issues; they’re issues that affect everyone regardless of party, and finding solutions should be the main priority.

    The aspiring politician says two of the biggest issues for his district are desalination and school choice. School choice, in particular, has become a pressing issue since the beginning of the pandemic, particularly in California.

    I’m the most passionate about desalination and education reform. So many of California’s most pressing issues are rooted in these two issues. Without water, farms can’t produce crops, wages are cut, employees are let go, prices go up, and nutritional standards decrease. This disproportionately affects kids and families in low income areas, and without proper nutrition, kids can’t function at their full potential, which leads to poor testing, and limited career opportunities in the future. Desalination properly tackles climate change, the economy, food creation, and nutrition.

    He went on to say that educational choice is crucial for a system that is oversaturated with narrow college degrees that come with massive amounts of student debt. California needs to be supporting more vocational programs, to propel students who don’t wish to pursue an academic career into a career that could start earning dividends right away. That, in turn, is good for everyone.

    Instead of pushing student loan debt, kids should be able to graduate with certifications so they can get jobs that pay enough for them to ease into college without accruing debt, or so they can confidently start businesses.

    Any Republican candidate in The Golden State is going to face an uphill battle. That is a fact. But Mikhail hopes that the unmatched turmoil in California right now will spur people to take his approach to politics, and choose well-being over party loyalty.

    Californians should consider voting for a Republican candidate because its current policy isn’t working. It hasn’t been working for a very long time, and for the amount of money we pay in taxes, we shouldn’t fear for our safety, or see families struggling to make ends meet…My own voter history proves that I’ve always voted for politicians over party, so I’m not a hypocrite in asking for support from the left. I didn’t just decide to throw my name into the hat because of hubris. I did so because after two years of studying the issues affecting this beautiful state we call home, I came up with a plan, and with everyone’s help, we can make California a destination again for business, tech, education, and so much more.

    As the child of immigrant parents fleeing persecution, an entrepreneur who grabbed the American dream for himself, and a father and husband who is frightened for the future of his growing family, Mikhail aims to represent a new brand of Republican, one who focuses on issues rather than simply being reactionary; and one who understands that voters want more than anything to know their government is working for them. In the state of California, our government is barely working for anyone except the few elites who make the oppressive rules and then boldly skirt them in front of everyone, perhaps thinking they will never be held accountable by their faithful voters.

    Perhaps Mikhail could be a part of a larger movement to give California Democrats a shock to the system. I do not reside in Mikhail’s district, but I wish the best to any man or woman willing to take on this massive, devastating political machine in our state.

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