Mitch McConnell Points out an Inconvenient Truth and Immediately Gets Called Racist


    Democrats do not like it when you counter their narratives with facts. That’s especially true when it comes to their sacred cow of “voter suppression.” You see, Republicans are terrible, election delegitimizing enemies of “democracy” if they suggest voter fraud should be eliminated. But the left has gotten used to claiming non-existent voter suppression, to the point of the president saying the 2022 election won’t be legitimate, without any pushback.

    Things are changing though, and Mitch McConnell pointed out an inconvenient truth on Thursday. For his trouble, he was immediately labeled a racist. Here’s what he said.

    Dumpster fires like The Daily Beast and Axios rushed to proclaim that the Minority Leader was suggesting black voters aren’t “real” Americans, and no, I’m not going to link to their dumpster fire “analysis.” Rest assured, the response to McConnell’s comments has been as stupid as you’d expect.

    The deflection is purposeful here. Yes, McConnell forgot to say the word “other” in making what was an objectively true statement. Yet, the press doesn’t want to talk about the substance because it’s very inconvenient for them. Why? Because black voters do actually vote on par with white voters in the United States. In some past elections, the former has even surpassed the latter. If “voter suppression” were a real thing, how would that be possible?

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    And no, it’s not logical to assume that black voters would otherwise vote at even higher numbers if not for this mythical “suppression” of their votes. Why would they be predisposed to cast a ballot more than any other demographic? Thus, the fact that voting rates are at parity is more than enough evidence that Democrat claims of voter suppression are completely bunk.

    That was what McConnell was obviously pointing out. His statement had nothing to do with suggesting black people aren’t real Americans. That’s asinine to even suspect, and the only reason the press latched onto that was that they otherwise had no answer for what he was saying.

    The United States does not need a federal election takeover. They certainly don’t need one that legalizes ballot harvesting, makes mass mail-in voting legal, outlaws voter ID, publicly funds campaigns, and makes it impossible to manage registration rolls properly. The idea of mass voter suppression that is changing election results is completely false. Further, the existence of such a law is purely meant to rig the 2022 election for Democrats, who otherwise know they are about to get shellacked.

    If the press cared at all about being honest, they’d be pointing out the inconsistencies that litter Democrat claims on elections. Instead, they are choosing to freak out over milquetoast Mitch McConnell not using the word “other.” It’s parodical.

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