China’s Lockdowns Show Why We Don’t Want to Be Anything Like Them

    Robert Way /

    We have to be cautious with the way in which we lockdown schools, cities, and states. We don’t want to become the next China.

    It’s obvious that China is handling things very differently from the U.S. Part of it has to do with communism versus democracy. The U.S. embraces freedom. We let people make their own decisions…at least for the most part.

    China has had an uptick in COVID-19 across some of its provinces. Their way of dealing with it? Lock everyone down. As a result, there are millions of people who are in lockdown at the moment. Schools are closed. Factories are closed. Almost the entire country is at a standstill as they deal with COVID.

    Now, we know that they did this once before. Clearly, it didn’t work. If it did, they wouldn’t be dealing with this many cases right now.

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    20 million people are confined to their homes across China – and the lockdown of Anyang just happened. It was announced earlier this week after two cases of Omicron were reported. Yes, all it took was two cases to lock down 5.5 million people.

    Residents are not allowed to go out. Stores have been shuttered, except for those who have been deemed as essential, selling only the bare necessities.

    Xi’an is another city, with 13 million people. It’s been locked down for going on three weeks.

    China is actually in a broader series of lockdowns than it was during the initial shutdown of Wuhan. The country’s approach has changed as they want to target all of the smaller areas that get hit by the virus.

    And as the country goes into lockdown, the Winter Olympics are still planning on happening. The opening date is February 4 in Beijing. This, of course, is ridiculous. The Communist government has already banned half the world from coming. So, to say that it’s going to be the lowest participation of the Olympics in history is an understatement.

    Huang Chin, one of the Beijing Olympics officials for disease control has said that they’re hoping athletes and officials cooperate to prevent any kind of major outbreak which would impact participation. “If the mass cluster transmission happens, it will impact the Games and the schedule for sure.”

    Honestly, at this point, the Olympics should be canceled. If half the country can’t go, it’s not going to be a global competition as it was meant to be. And if it goes on anyway and turns into a super spreader, it’s not going to be good for anyone.

    Still, China is going out of its way to lock people in their homes. Even non-essential vehicles are being banned from the streets. It means that people can’t even go for a drive just to get out of their homes for a while.

    While it’s easy to look at what’s going on in China and call it “extreme,” you have to look at what’s being done in some liberal cities. California and New York are closing businesses again. They’re demanding that people prove that they are vaccinated before they can go inside – and even when they do go inside, masks and social distancing are mandated.

    We joke that China is going to the extreme, but if we aren’t careful about how the liberals are acting in our own country, we could be locked down and kept off the streets, too. It’s why it’s important that GOP governors like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are fighting for our rights – so that we don’t end up in lockdown like Communist China.

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