Biden Gets Mocked Into Next Week for His Newest Economic Claim


    Joe Biden has a habit of exaggerating and embellishing to where he twists the truth out of all reality.

    He got called out on one such embellishment yesterday, when the White House posted a graphic claiming that he had created far more jobs than anyone else in the office. “Ever,” the White House tweet claimed.

    This is not factoring in people coming back to jobs/getting new jobs after the loss of employment during the pandemic. That’s why it makes President Donald Trump’s numbers look bad — when he had the best economy in fifty years before the pandemic because of his policies. People coming back to work after the pandemic is not because of Joe Biden or any of his policies. Indeed, it is often despite his policies. The economy was still down 3.5 million jobs under the peak before the pandemic (under Trump, with a good economy). So, it wasn’t anything Joe Biden did.

    This wasn’t a coincidence that they tried to float this out there yesterday. The Biden exaggeration came right after the worst jobs report that he’s had yet dropped, with 422,000 jobs were projected to be created during one of the nation’s peak hiring seasons, the actual number came in at just 199,000 — less than half of what was expected. That was the fewest jobs of any month in 2021. This is multiple months now where Biden has brought in a miserable jobs report, far lower than expectations.

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    On top of that is the news that 4.5 million quit their jobs in November.

    Not to mention, millions of jobs still go unfilled across many industries, on top of the spiraling inflation that the Biden policies and spending drove up.

    If you’re bragging about this economy, then something is wrong with you.

    Biden claimed, “Americans are moving up to better jobs. This is the kind of recovery I promised and hoped for, for the American people.” Talk about one whopper of a lie; there’s no evidence to support that claim.

    Indeed, Larry Kudlow told Fox’s Laura Ingraham that any positive moves for the economy came from Republican actions, from which Biden benefited and that if left to his own policies, he would be a disaster.

    Those red states ended the excessively generous unemployment benefits, three or four months earlier, before the federal government did — and many more people returned to work because of that.

    So I think you’re making a good argument that a lot of the plusses in the jobs report today come from those very red states.

    But, you know, [Biden’s] contribution here, for that $2 trillion package last winter, which [former Treasury Secretary] Larry Summers, Democrat, and other Democrats – and I agree, [former Trump adviser] Kevin Hassett and I agree – that’s what triggered this massive inflation.

    And Joe Biden’s hanging tough on this $5 trillion package, which I believe we are going to kill the bill. So if left to his own devices, Biden will be a disaster.

    People weren’t buying what Biden was trying to sell.

    Unfortunately, Biden just keeps proving that old saying about insanity: it’s the definition of insanity, if you keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. Biden is just going to keep spending and spending if he’s allowed to or until he’s tossed out.

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