New Polling May Be the Death Knell for Biden’s Mandates


    Let’s face it, everything Joe Biden and the Democrats do is about holding onto their power. So, they’re looking at polling when it comes to the midterms and they know they’re in deep, deep trouble.

    All the polls indicate they are going to lose the House and the large number of Democratic retirements in the House are likely to add to that wave.

    So, they have to be desperate for how to improve their polling and their chances.

    A new Zogby poll is going to make their chances look even worse. It shows that likely voters have turned overwhelmingly against government mandates: 53 percent prefer personal choice over 37 percent who prefer government mandates.

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    For Democrats, one-third (33%) favor personal choice, as do a super-majority (72%) of Republicans and 55% of Independents. Also, 55% of those with college degrees and most age cohorts (except 65+) believe in personal choice of government mandates.

    The poll also asked if it was “right or wrong to disobey mandates from the President.”

    A look at party identification reveals more Independent voters favor disobeying Presidential mandates – 42% to 31%. For Republicans, it’s 49% – 26%, and for Democrats, 26% say it’s ok to disobey, with 49% believing it’s wrong.

    It should frankly be more. But it shows how Republicans, Independents, and even a large percentage of Democrats don’t think the government has a right to tell you what to do.

    The poll asked another question: who has more legal authority — the FBI or their local sheriff. Here, 46 to 31 percent went in favor of the local sheriff. I don’t think either should have a say in your medical health. But if you only had a choice between the two, the choice for the local sheriff shows the belief that they don’t think it’s up to the federal government.

    All of this is a big message and a bad sign for Biden and the Democrats who have been so behind the mandates. People are tired. They’ve had enough of restrictions and the government trying to tell them what to do.

    Is polling like this part of the reason we’re seeing a shifting of the administration’s message? One might think so, yet they still have the mandates in play and are fighting for them in courts. But, if there’s no federal solution, why are they still pushing them?

    If this poll is any indication, the mandates are not only a losing strategy for being morally and constitutionally wrong, but now they’re bad political strategy for the Democrats, too — the one thing they truly care about. But they’re sort of caught between a rock and a hard place on this. If they back off the mandates visibly, they will be fried by the folks on the left that they have indoctrinated with the fear porn. They created them, and they would likely be eaten alive by them. So they can’t make that choice. At least not visibly. And at this point, even if they tried to move away from the mandates, people wouldn’t forget that easily. They don’t have any great options from which to choose.

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