Who Is the Dummy Running the COVID Show?


    We know it, they know it: Absent the COVID-19 pandemic, and the flat-out falsehoods peddled by the mainstream media regarding Trump’s “fault” in the spread, Donald Trump would have been reelected President in a landslide. We all watched as numbers climbed in places where the media praised the leaders as some of the best in the world. When the data no longer supported their praise, they shifted from praise to reverence of their efforts to protect their citizens.

    Here in the United States, then-Governor Andrew Cuomo was hailed by the press as a hero to the people of New York, only later to have his administration proven as nothing more than architects of a massacre. The press consistently pointed to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the state’s lack of COVID restrictions as the cause of the rise of numbers in the state, despite the fact that those new numbers were still lower than the number of deaths in New York, even still to this day.

    The Democrats’ strategy, implemented on a national level, was to promise an end to the pandemic by electing “adults” to finally implement the policies that would lead the country out of it. Despite that “winning strategy,” Democrats lost seats in the House, only hold the Senate by a single vote from Vice President Kamala Harris, and won the White House by a smaller margin than did Trump in 2016. In fact, the margin of Biden’s win would fit into Dodger Stadium, with still 18,000 more seats left empty. Even with Biden’s razor’s edge of a victory, Democrats went on squawking about an understood “mandate” in Biden’s election and how that, now that the “adults are back in charge,” the country could expect an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Get vaccinated, they said. It will prevent you from getting COVID, they said. Except it didn’t. Then it was to get vaccinated to reduce your chances of infecting someone else. Again, it didn’t. In fact, not a single recommendation, suggestion, or mandate from the government has shown any statistical effect over the spread of COVID-19. I’ve spent the last several months comparing states and countries with and without mitigation efforts to show that mask mandates don’t work, and the vaccines are nowhere near as effective as the government suggests.

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    Here we sit, a year into the Biden Administration, with more than half of the country living under some sort of COVID mandate, with national action taken by this administration to mandate vaccines, masks, and other mitigation efforts at their will, and yet still, the US has doubled COVID deaths. They’ve had every bit of data in the world, more than a year of hindsight, and, most importantly to their case, a “functional vaccine” (spoiler alert: it isn’t), yet they have failed at every turn to make a dent in the pandemic numbers.

    Masks supposedly work to stop the spread, yet now, lacking any science or data to suggest that Omicron circumvents cloth masks, they are pushing for everyone to wear N-95 masks. Despite “masks working,” they are now suggesting a mandate for vaccines for national air travel. “Vaccines work,” yet OSHA is recommending the same quarantine period for the vaccinated who are exposed to the virus as the unvaccinated. “Vaccines work,” and the Biden Administration is now exploring options at yet another booster, despite the head of the WHO saying that “no country can boost its way out of the pandemic.”

    Who is in charge of this mess? Joe Biden couldn’t possibly be so, as he struggles to understand which planet he is on most of the time. Anthony Fauci has long ago been proven to be a total fraud. Rochelle Walensky takes marching orders instead of issuing them. Is Francis Collins even at the NIH anymore? As people rush to trust “the science,” they also see that same “science” wielded like a sword to strike down those who even question the demands made of them.

    Who is the dummy running this show? Where does the buck stop? Who is putting their job and career on the line to defend these mitigation efforts, absent a shred of scientific evidence to back them up? The country was lied to and elected Biden on a premise that has turned out to be a total fraud. At what point does someone… anyone… take responsibility for this travesty? At what point does someone within the Democrat party own up to the total and complete fraud they perpetrated to win an election?

    Of course, I know the answer to those questions is “never,” but the Democrat Party needs to also be prepared for the epic beatdown that is coming their way in November. You can’t peddle a fraud and then think those that you defrauded are going to award you with continued power, and for that, good riddance.

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