Joe Biden’s Latest Message on COVID Should Anger You


    Last night, RedState reported on the White House getting prepared to surrender on COVID-19. After nearly two years of many of us on the right suggesting that we have to learn to live with the coronavirus, developing therapeutics to deal with yearly, seasonal waves, Biden and his cohorts have finally realized they can’t push the “zero COVID” lie any longer.

    But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to move to that position in the absolute stupidest, most divisive way possible. Thus, last night, you got this message that has people asking exactly what the heck the White House is trying to do.

    I hate to sound dramatic, but this is evil stuff, and it should make you angry. Let’s talk about why.

    First, even taking the efficacy of the vaccines at face value, many of the unvaccinated at this point have natural immunity or are in very low-risk categories of age and health. Older Americans are nearly universally vaccinated. Given those realities, the unvaccinated as an entire group are not actually looking at a “winter of severe illness and death.”

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    And what does a person’s unvaccinated status have to do with their families? Is Biden still trying to suggest that the unvaccinated somehow represent an outsized risk to those around them? We know that everyone spreads COVID and at around the same rate.

    Then there’s the mention of hospitalizations. We already have data out of South Africa showing that Omicron has actually led to a massive drop in hospitalizations. That’s because this newest variant appears to be very mild compared to Delta. Biden’s fear-mongering isn’t backed by any data. Heck, even if we were only dealing with Delta here, enough people have natural immunity at this point that it was never probable that hospitals would be overwhelmed. Remember, the current wave is in the Northeast, where vaccination rates are very high. The South’s wave has already passed and they never saw hospitals overwhelmed.

    So why is the White House pushing this hysterical, dangerous rhetoric that seeks to pit Americans against each other for no scientific reason whatsoever? The answer is because it’s all they’ve got. Biden and his cohorts are calculating that because a majority of people are vaccinated, that they can somehow make the unvaccinated a foil going into 2022. That’s the plan, as simple and dumb as it is. They need someone to blame for their massive failures, and the unvaccinated will have to do.

    Let’s also note this is far, far worse than Trump’s mean tweets. This is using the office of The President of the United States to push people into being openly hostile to one another. It’s pathetic and unAmerican.

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