Dem Pollsters on New Survey: Prepare for Our Coming Doom


    A polling firm run by Democratic pollster Doug Schoen is flashing big warning signs to the Democrats not only as to the midterms but as to their political prospects for the future. The Democrats should listen to this because it shows that now their own voters are throwing them over as well.

    As Schoen and his partner Carly Cooperman note, their new survey shows the Democratic prospects are “significantly deteriorating” and that the party is in an “increasingly unelectable and unsustainable position.”

    What’s the reason for this, in the pollsters’ view? The “ill-fated path of embracing progressive policies while overlooking manifest political realities.” It’s for this reason, they say, “we will almost certainly see a landslide G.O.P. victory in 2022.”

    They said the voters believed the Democratic Party is both ineffective and failing to concentrate on what they should be concentrating on, according to independents and, increasingly, among Democrats.

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    Two-thirds of likely voters overall (66 percent) – including strong majorities of Independents (63 percent) and Democrats (59 percent) –agree that President Biden and national Democrats are not only “out-of-touch with hardworking Americans,” but moreover, that they “have been so focused on passing their own agenda that they’ve been ignoring Americans’ day-to-day concerns, such as the rising prices for goods and gasoline.”

    Voters also believe that Biden has not been paying enough attention to the country’s most important problems (53 percent), rather than having the right priorities (38 percent). This assessment is even more prevalent among Independents, 58 percent of whom say Biden has not paid enough attention to the most important problems, versus just 27 percent who say the opposite.

    So, 52 percent believe Biden has weakened the economy and 71 percent (!) at least partially blame him for rising inflation, including 79 percent of independents and 46 percent of Democrats.

    That wasn’t all.

    Six in 10 voters disapprove of Biden’s management of immigration at the border (60 percent) and a majority of voters also blame Democrats (55 percent) rather than Republicans (22 percent) for the crisis.

    And as violent crime surges in many parts of the country — a trend that 89 percent of voters are concerned about — nearly one-half of voters blame Democrats (48 percent), while just 27 percent blame Republicans. Strong majorities also agree that Biden and Democrats are soft on crime (69 percent) and overwhelmingly disapprove (62 percent) of the defund the police movement on the left.

    Furthermore, on one of Biden’s core campaign promises — unifying the country — a majority of voters disapprove of the president’s performance (54 percent). Biden’s policies are also seen as more divisive (46 percent) rather than more unifying (38 percent).

    The survey found a five-point increase in favor of Republicans in the House among voters, leading to a three-point lead for the Republicans, 46-43 percent.

    They said the message was clear: “Find your way back to moderate policies and “kitchen table issues,” or suffer potentially one of the greatest midterm losses of any party in recent history.”

    But the Biden team hasn’t taken the hint yet; they were still pushing the Build Back Better far-left monstrosity and talking non-stop about COVID, while not seeming to care a lick about inflation, even denying the reality of it for a while and calling it transitory.

    Now while we’re celebrating that Joe Manchin killed the Build Back Better bill because that’s good for America that it doesn’t pass, it may actually help Biden a bit because that wouldn’t drive up inflation even further and drive us deeper into problems. But on the other hand, it’s infuriating people on the far left who think that Biden has failed to come through for the progressive agenda. And it will increase in general that sense that the Democrats just can’t get things done.

    Biden and the Democrats dug this hole for themselves — and the 2022 midterms is going to come along and pour the rest of the dirt in on their party.

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