When Do Senior Biden Administration Officials Start Throwing Joe Under the Bus?


    With the end of the year 2021 approaching rapidly (we are just 34 days away from 2022), I think it might be time to look forward to the one-year marker of the Biden administration on Jan 20th. What that means of course is reviewing just what a colossal mess it has been and looking forward to when the White House reporters start whispering that they are hearing the President is having “problems” with things.

    So let me call it here first — if you had watched the basement campaign last year, you might have been tipped off something might not be working with Joe correctly. Actually, if you had watched this guy for any of his 40-plus years in government you would not be shocked at all, but I digress.

    If you are a regular reader of RedState, then you know that the front page has been filled with all sorts of interesting types of stories about the odd behavior of both Joe and his administration in terms of their policies. Here are just some examples from the last couple of days.

    Joe Biden Bends the Knee to Donald Trump at the Border.

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    Biden and Dems Can’t Decide Which Spin to Use for Those Skyrocketing Thanksgiving Prices.

    Biden’s BBB Bill Will Give You $12.5K if You Buy an Electric Car — Unless It’s a Tesla, That Is

    This is just a small sampling, and the list goes on for a good country mile in how many confusing and troubling mess-ups this can’t-shoot-straight crew that occupy the White House currently have done. The bad thing for the country is that this group does not seem to have any self-awareness that they are screwing stuff up and are committed to ramming the U.S.S. United States right into that iceberg, while trying to sink this country faster than the Titanic went down.

    Thankfully the country is a bit tougher than the ship that could not be sunk.

    Yet with the one-year anniversary of Biden raising his other right hand to take the oath of office, and the midterms now 11 months away, we all know how this is soon going to go. People inside the bubble will start whispering that maybe the boss spends too much time in his bunny slippers, wandering around looking for ice cream. This always happens when the pols inside the government start seeing the polls for the next election, and determine their job is more important than protecting the old man.

    If you don’t think this is how it works, the staff has already floated some trial balloons on attacking the person who has no power in this administration as a practice run.

    Enter Madame Vice President Kamala Harris. My colleague Sister Toldjah covered this earlier this month with this post: The White House ‘Goes There’ on Criticism of Kamala Harris and I Have Thoughts. From that article…

    As we previously reported, embattled Vice President Kamala Harris is being hit with yet another wave of bad press, with even CNN getting in on the action by reporting how Biden staffers were allegedly growing increasingly frustrated with Harris. In addition to that are reports of an alleged rift between President Biden and Harris, which is said to be growing even as the lame excuses for it all are brought forth.

    Making matters worse has been her disastrous handling of the border crisis, of which she was made Biden’s point person back in March. Perhaps more embarrassingly, during an exchange between Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas yesterday on the working relationship between himself and Harris, Mayorkas couldn’t give specific answers on what her exact role was, how many times they’d connected/met to discuss the border, and if she had been part of the decision-making process on policy decisions Mayorkas had either been considering or had implemented in response to the border surge.

    Criticism of Harris’ performance in office has unquestionably come from both sides of the aisle and from both current and former staffers of Harris. But if one listened to and believed what White House press secretary Jen Psaki had to say about it during a Wednesday interview, you’d think all the criticism was coming from the right. And the reasons she gave for that “right-wing” criticism boiled down to – you guessed it – “sexism and racism”:

    If you are following along at home the criticism of Harris coming from the White House is based on sexism and racism or some other neat spin they are trying to C.Y.A. Of course, Kamala is just a helpless rube picked because of her reproductive parts, and not chosen because of any accomplishments that she had as an elected official. If you recall, Tulsi Gabbard showed that brilliantly at some of the 2020 primary debates.

    The administration is heading for even rougher waters in 2022, with a new COVID variant, and rapid inflation running off the rails. The polls are starting to show that mainstream Democrats and Independents are having more than just some remorse of picking Biden over President Mean Tweets, and there looks to be no end in sight for them to mess stuff up.

    Whether Joe and Jill Biden know it, the effort to throw them under the bus has already warmed up and is about ready to roll into 2022. All those years in Washington, D.C,. should have taught them that the only loyal things in D.C. are dogs — and I don’t think they keep theirs at the White House anymore.

    Joe Biden is already facing opposition from the GOP, but he is about to face the wrath of the Democrats he thinks love him. He would be disappointed, if he would be able to recall anything 10 minutes out, about how his own people will throw him and his below-toilet-water approval rating under a rock in a New York minute.

    So, get ready for the COMING SOON whispers and leaks from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue about Uncle Joe having an hour-long conversation with the portraits of JFK and Richard Nixon, where he asked them if they like his hair plugs.

    Thankfully, Democrats are more vicious than the GOP in this regard — and I’m hoping it will be a spectacle to watch.

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