Biden Admin Wants to Stop Trump-Era Data Collection on Teachers Who’ve Sexually Assaulted Kids


    The rising problem of pedophilia within the left is now going to become an even bigger issue in public schools, which is just one more problem the left is trying to thrust on children and parents.

    According to Fox News, the Biden administration’s Department of Education is wishing to halt attempts to collect more data on sexual assault on students by teachers by rolling back a Trump-era program meant to keep track of these things:

    The Department of Education is proposing to roll back attempts at collecting additional data on teacher-perpetrated sexual assaults, prompting concerns about transparency in reporting faculty misconduct.

    Data collection, under last week’s proposal, would continue to include the number of documented incidents at a given school, but would retire Trump-era reporting on “rape or attempted rape, or sexual assault” allegations that were followed by “a resignation or retirement prior to final discipline or termination.”

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    Former Secretary Betsy DeVos implemented those provisions for the 2020-2021 school year, but they were reportedly delayed due to COVID-19.

    According to a DoE spokesperson, the point is to “reduce burden and duplication data.”

    “For the 2021-22 CRDC, OCR will continue to collect data on the number of documented incidents of offenses committed by school staff, including rape or attempted rape, and sexual assault. These are data the CRDC has collected since 2015-16. We propose retiring data on the number of allegations made against school staff to reduce burden and duplication of data. This is a proposal and OCR welcomes feedback on this proposal from the public during the 60-day comment period.”

    But a former Office for Civil Rights acting assistant secretary Kimberly Richey, who worked under President Trump, has surmised the real reason for this has less to do with organization and more like an “ultimate act of bowing to the teacher’s unions.”

    As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, Richey believes this is going to make covering up sexual assaults much easier.

    “Through this proposal, the Biden administration is actively helping schools cover up these incidents, which we were intentionally shining a light on,” said Richey.

    Fox News looked further into what it was that Biden’s DoE wanted to stop keeping track of and produced this list:

    “Whether any of the school’s students, faculty, or staff died as a result of a homicide committed at the school”;

    “Whether there has been at least one incident at the school that involved a shooting”;

    “Number of allegations made against a school staff member of rape or attempted rape, or sexual assault that occurred at the school, which were followed by a determination that the school staff member was responsible or not responsible for the offense”;

    “Number of allegations made against a school staff member of rape or attempted rape, or sexual assault that occurred at the school, which had a determination that remained pending”;

    “Number of allegations made against a school staff member of rape or attempted rape, or sexual assault that occurred at the school, which were followed by a duty reassignment prior to final discipline or termination.”

    An odd choice to make, especially given the fact that Virginia, a Smurf-blue state, was lost to Republicans thanks in no small part to Democrats attempting to introduce children to pedophilic concepts, homosexual acts, and even tried to cover up the rape of a girl by a transgender student.

    This is also on top of Joe Biden being “angry and concerned” (according to his handlers) about Kyle Rittenhouse being found innocent of all charges, including the shooting of a pedophile. This also comes on the heels of an attempt by Colorado to also redefine “sex offender” to a far less negative, word salad definition of “adults who commit sexual offenses.”

    The left is consistently running defense of sexual predators, and while they’re not wholly removing tracking those that appear in schools, there should be no reason to walk back any kind of tracking when our children are involved.

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