DeSantis Spox Offers Brutal Take on Biden Throwing Harris Under the Bus


    Being wrong is a tough pill to swallow. Tougher for some than others.

    Admitting you’re wrong, particularly when you’re the President of the United States, can be even harder. Even more so when everything you do turns into a disaster and your really boneheaded decisions lead to crisis after crisis. From the border crisis to the price of oil to rising prices and a supply chain disaster, Joe Biden’s presidency has been an abject failure from the beginning.

    Toss in the reality that Joe Biden never met a buck he failed to pass. The guy who is quick to take credit for the successes of others is even quicker to blame others for his failures — like a champ. Now toss in the most inept vice president in the history of the known universe and we have a perfect storm of epic proportions, the likes of which the presidency of the United States has never seen.

    So, as Joe and Kamala continue to chase each other’s negative ratings down the political toilet at breakneck speed, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s press secretary, Christina Pushaw, fired up Twitter on Monday to share her thoughts on the collapse of the Biden-Harris political romance.

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    Assuming one even existed in the first place.

    Before we go there, let’s catch up on the recent goings-on with our dynamic duo, shall we?

    As RedState reported on Monday, an extensive report by CNN over the weekend revealed the “exasperation and dysfunction” engulfing Harris’s disastrous vice presidency. While there’s a fair amount of “he said, she said” in the exhaustive report, one thing is clear: Team Biden is not happy with the hapless vice president, who only makes things worse every time she opens her mouth or shows up in public.

    Even better, as we also reported on Monday, the relationship between the Harris camp and the Biden camp has deteriorated to the point that a former Harris staffer has accused the West Wing of refusing to defend Harris’s multiple missteps, in contrast to its defense of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who recently came under fire for extended maternity leave. As the former staffer sees it, the Biden White House is riddled with “white man” bias and as such wants no part of defending the Black vice president.

    Is this the stuff soap operas are made of, or what?

    Offering up her “two cents,” Pushaw said it was “clear from the beginning” that “pathetic” Biden would throw Harris under the bus at the first opportunity — with an assist from Circle-Back Psaki.

    My 2 cents as a comms person: Psaki knows EXACTLY how her Tweet about Kamala Harris comes across. The Biden Admin is trying to use Kamala as a scapegoat for all their failures. They’re planting negative stories about her. I don’t pity her obviously, but it is pathetic of Biden.

    And this came as a surprise to whom? Scapegoating others has been Biden’s M.O. throughout his nearly 50 years in Washington, D.C.

    Pushaw suggested that Biden gave Harris the Biden Border Crisis(TM) job because — again — he has refused to take responsibility for the spectacular (purposely self-created) failure.

    It was clear from the beginning, when Biden put “border” in Harris’ portfolio. Handling the border crisis should be the president’s job, but he wanted to avoid responsibility & accountability while damaging Harris politically. She walked into it because of her ambition.

    And damn right; the ever-clawing-her-way-to-the-top Harris walked right into it.

    Pushaw also made it clear that she has no sympathy for Kamala Harris, and rightly so. From Willie Brown on, Kamala Harris has demonstrated a unique knack for getting what she wants.

    This isn’t sympathetic to Kamala Harris — it’s my observation on how Biden operates. He NEVER takes responsibility for ANYTHING, always deflects blame onto others, whether he’s blaming governors, the former president, or his own team. He knows the media won’t hold him accountable.

    Correct, Christina — except Joe does have a habit of “taking responsibility” for the accomplishments and speeches of others, so there’s that.

    Once again, what Christina Pushaw and others before her have laid bare is quintessential Joe Biden.

    This guy has been a wannabe his entire life. Why else would he exaggerate or fabricate “his” accomplishments? Why else would he plagiarize entire speeches, on more than one occasion? Why else would this pretender to the throne be so averse to accepting responsibility for anything — thus lacking a critical quality of a true leader?

    The sad truth is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is nothing more than “Joey from Scranton,” as he proudly describes himself. Corn Pop’s pal. The guy cannot stop obsessing over his many times of riding the rails, as he continues to tell the same old lies about those trips. Because, and Barack Obama reportedly said it best: “You know who doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.”

    After 10 months of the spectacularly failed Biden presidency, six in 10 Americans agree with Obama.

    And the really sad — and troubling — part? Joey from Scranton has known it all along.

    H/T ~ Twitchy

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