Poll: Cruz Most Popular Politician in Texas but Biden Is Another Matter


    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took apart the propaganda effort to pull Big Bird, the Sesame Street character, into the vaccine debate to push the COVID vaccine on kids.

    Cruz also humorously let Hillary Clinton have it with her use of Big Bird.

    Yes, Hillary, I always get my medical advice from a big yellow bird. Not.

    But it’s that humor in addition in addition to holding strong on conservative principles that has stood Cruz in good stead. It’s likely part of the reason he was just found to be the most popular politician in Texas according to a new poll from the Texas Tribune/University of Texas.

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    Cruz bested other Republicans like Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and far outdistanced Joe Biden. Biden’s approval numbers in Texas are truly atrocious at 35 to 55 percent. Cruz bests Biden by more than ten points in approval and Biden is eleven points higher in disapproval.

    Cruz has stood up well under almost constant Democratic attack and he’s shown he’s willing to stand in the breach on the important issues.

    Cruz spokesperson Steve Guest issued a statement about the poll, “For 10 months, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been pushing an agenda that hurts the people of Texas and the entire country. Sen. Ted Cruz is proud to lead the fight to pull this out country back from the edge of the abyss.”

    Democrats are always hoping to make great inroads in Texas, but the state’s preference shows just how red the state is and what a tough time they would have trying to flip the state in the future. Joe Biden’s complete failure at everything he’s touched is likely to make their efforts even harder in the state. As we noted earlier, Biden blamed his low polling numbers on Americans being “upset” and having “psychological scars.” Meanwhile, Americans’ message to Biden according to the USA Today/Suffolk University poll? 1,000 registered voters were asked to “Name the single thing that was most important for Biden to do in the next year.” “Resign/retire/quit” was their top response.

    That pretty much says it all.

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