Gavin Newsom Craves the Spotlight–so Why Has He Been out of It?


    Where’s Gavin Newsom? Seriously, I am having withdrawals from his braggadocio tweets every time he takes a dump, and his commands to get vaccinated or get a booster.

    The usual “homegrown team” suspects are parroting the last missive from the Office of the Governor, chalking Newsom’s disappearance from the public stage to “family obligations,” whatever that means. Aside from RedState and some others, the only investigative reporting concerning His Hairfulness seems to coming from across the pond.

    From the Daily Mail U.K.

    Governor Gavin Newsom has disappeared from public view for 10 days and abruptly canceled plans to attend the COP26 climate summit in Scotland over unexplained ‘family obligations.’

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    Newsom was last seen in public on October 27, receiving a COVID-19 booster shot in Oakland. He said it was painless and then flexed in celebration, urging others to get boosters as well.

    Two days later, his office issued a statement citing unspecified family obligations, abruptly cancelling his plans to attend the global climate conference, a huge gathering of international leaders on a subject that is among his highest priorities.

    The British journos–doing the work the American legacy media won’t do.

    Both Assemblyman Kevin Kiley and RedState jokingly took credit for shaming Hair Gel into canceling his live appearance at the COP26 U.N. Climate Change Summit in Glasgow. Even though Newsom claimed he would be doing virtual presentations, a week later, he has not presented his perfectly Brill-creamed head to the world.

    The statement claimed that Newsom would attend the summit virtually, though he still has not made a video appearance. California’s lieutenant governor led the delegation in his place. No further information on the ‘family obligations’ that caused the sudden alteration to his schedule have been shared.

    Since then, Newsom has been seen only in prerecorded video statements, and in family Halloween photos posted on Monday, in costume as a pirate with his wife and four young children.

    ‘The governor has been working from the Capitol this week,’ a spokeswoman for Newsom told on Saturday, dismissing any suggestion that the COP26 cancellation was connected to Newsom’s booster shot as ‘misinformation.

    I have my own theories, but since I’m a journalist, I’ll wait until I have actual evidence to back it up before I put them to paper. However, the near radio silence on the part of the Office of the Governor, Newsom himself, and the fact that the homegrown team is refusing to do any actual reporting, has spawned hilarious parody accounts like this one.

    During early morning on 1 November, an unknown number of Marines sent by United States Marine Forces Special Command infiltrated the Newsom estate and engaged two California State police officers who had been assigned to guard the Deep State governor. The Marines, our source said, offered state police a chance to surrender, but the officers drew sidearms and forced the Marines to respond with lethal force. Both officers took multiple hits, killing them, and no Marines were wounded in the brief firefight.

    Having dispatched Newsom’s security, the Marines navigated the residence and spotted Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, and their four children dashing down a hallway that ended in a false wall leading to a “Safe Room,” a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter, or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break in, home invasion, tornado, terror attack, or other threat.

    Mrs. Newsom and the children entered the panic room before the Marines were able to catch and interrogate them, our source said.

    “The soldiers cleared the rest of the place and they found Gavin Newsom and his private physician in the master bedroom. The doc threw his hands in the air immediately and said he was just there to care for Newsom and didn’t want any trouble,” our source said.

    A bedridden Newsom lie on his back with an intubation tube stuck down his throat and a nasal cannula jammed up his nostrils. Beside the bed stood an array of portable patient monitors.

    You can indeed make this stuff up, because the Real Raw News bloggers certainly did. Frankly, I’d rather see Newsom upright so he can answer for his corruption. He is one in a long line of the San Francisco Cabal who should be forced to take a perp walk.

    But it has moved beyond the people of California asking, “Where’s Newsom?” Now the world is also wondering:

    Newsom always wanted this type of attention, but I think he thought it would be for his earth-saving policies and fascistic governance. Interesting how life works. As Julius Caesar so eloquently opined: “Men at some time are masters of their fates. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves…

    And we Californians know, those faults are as voluminous as the Grand Canyon. The question is, which one of them has caused this long absence? This is a man who craves attention and the spotlight, so it’s not like him to suddenly be out it.

    It hasn’t helped that First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom tweeted out this rather sharp diatribe to everyone who is inquiring about the governor’s absence, then surreptitiously deleted it:

    It’s funny how certain folks can’t handle the truth. When someone cancels something, maybe they’re just in the office working; maybe in their free time they’re at home with their family, at their kids’ sports matches, or dining out with their wife. Please stop hating and get a life.

    Projection much? If Newsom was in the office “working,” we’d be getting the plethora of tweets we receive every time he picks his nose. Family obligations? As our Managing Editor Jen Van Laar noted, Sacramento is a small town; so if Hair Gel was out and about, we’d all know about it.

    Why the secrecy? Why the veiled resentment? Something’s not right here.

    In his blog, Asm. Kiley also expressed a disquiet, particularly since Newsom still has not relinquished his emergency powers over the state. For someone who wants all the power and control, is it too much to ask that you actually show up to work?

    Just sayin’.

    I don’t know where Gavin Newsom is and won’t speculate. But it’s pretty strange for the Governor to disappear for 12 days without explanation.

    Newsom hasn’t been seen since abruptly cancelling his UN Climate trip. Today, reporters couldn’t get an answer on his whereabouts from the Senators in the Scotland “delegation.” Yesterday, Newsom’s wife told those asking questions to “get a life” before quickly deleting the tweet.

    This isn’t the first time Newsom has gone AWOL. Last August, he went missing for a week following a COVID “data glitch,” reappearing only after his Public Health Director resigned. This June, he fell off the radar when NPR revealed he’d lied about wildfire prevention efforts.

    Governors work for the people, so an unexplained absence is always a matter of public concern. But that’s especially true for a governor who has claimed sole authority to control the lives of millions of people through his own “State of Emergency.”

    Kiley submitted ACR-46 to the Legislature in March, to terminate Newsom’s State of Emergency. As per usez, The Legislature tabled it. Kiley then submitted a letter to Newsom asking him some key questions about why he chose to hold on to these emergency powers. Kiley, and the people of California have received what Simon & Garfunkel warbled about: “The Sound… of Silence.”

    Should Hair Gel stay underground, there’s not much the California Legislature can do about it. However, according to the 2005 California Government Code Sections 12070-12076, Article 7, the “Commission on the Governorship” can convene in order to inquire on why the governor is absent, and when he plans to return.

    This Commission on the Governorship consists of the Senate President Toni Atkins (D-Useless); the Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Corrupt), who also happens to be in Scotland; University of California President Dr. Michael V. Drake; California State University Chancellor Dr. Joseph I. Castro; and Director of Finance Keely Bosler, who is a Newsom appointee and the chief fiscal advisor.

    According to subsection 12072:

    The commission shall have exclusive authority to petition the Supreme Court to decide any questions relating to the existence of a temporary disability of the Governor.”

    As Senate President, Atkins would chair the commission and call meetings. Depending on the municipality, you can report a missing person between 24 and 72 hours of their absence.

    Newsom has been MIA for 12 days.

    So, my recommendation to the citizens of California: Bombard Senator Atkins with emails, phone calls, tweets and texts asking her to form the commission and get some answers. I will even save you the leg work: here’s Atkins’ CA Senate page, her personal Twitter account, and her Senate Twitter account.

    We The People need to demand accountability from our leaders. Newsom spent millions of dollars and lied through his teeth to ensure he kept his job; he should be required to justify why he isn’t currently doing it.

    Stay tuned…

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