BREAKING: Court Decision in on Biden’s OSHA Mandate


    Joe Biden recentlyannounced a requirement on businesses with more than 100 employees, saying they had to have those employees vaccinated or alternatively, that they had to be masked and regularly tested. The way that the Biden team was trying to get around the feds having no right to dictate to private businesses was by trying to impose it as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule. That was supposed to go into effect on Jan. 4.

    But not so fast, Joe Biden.

    The 5th Circuit is out with a ruling today issuing a stay on that vaccine mandate.

    The court granted the stay, ruling that there were “grave statutory and constitutional issues.” A stay means they’re stopping it from going into effect, while they continue to consider the merits of the case; It isn’t a decision on the merits of the case yet, but it’s a good indication from their language that they find big problem with the mandate.

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    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott cheered the ruling, noting his state “will have [their] day in court.”

    This bodes well for the future decisions on the mandate, and this is going to drive Joe Biden mad. Meanwhile, the Administration had been considering the possibility of even extending the mandate further — to businesses with fewer than 100 employees — and this will certainly put a cramp in that.

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