Joe Biden Starts Wildly Screaming at a Reporter After He Gets Caught Lying


    Some days ago, The Wall Street Journal reported on settlements being reached with illegal immigrants that could pay as much as $450,000 a person. That is being ostensibly done as restitution for families that were separated under the Donald Trump presidency.

    When Joe Biden was asked about the report, though, he called it “garbage,” claiming that it was not going to happen. A day later, his own White House contradicted him, saying that settlements are being negotiated that could reach that amount.

    You’d think, at that point, that the president would understand he got caught with his pants down, having no idea what his own administration is doing. Instead, when asked again about it today, Biden doubled down on lying and began to — bizarrely — start screaming at the reporter.

    A fair warning, this is really uncomfortable to watch.

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    Biden has become notorious for being unable to control his emotions when confronted about just about anything. That’s especially true when he knows he’s caught in a lie. Perhaps it’s just his personality, or more likely his senility, but it’s completely unbecoming of a president. Does he think screaming at reporters dictates some kind of moral authority?

    In this case, Biden starts wildly yelling about people losing their children, while pointing in a threatening manner.

    But attempting to make an anger-fueled moral case is simply a deflection here. Biden knows he’s caught in a lie, and then doubles down with another lie. At the beginning of the clip, he claims that “he didn’t say that,” when asked about him dismissing the reports about the payments as “garbage.” Except, he absolutely did say that.

    Here, listen for yourself.

    Further, on the facts of family separation, Biden is wrong as well, in how he frames the family separation issue. Families were not separated under the Trump administration out of some kind of animus. Rather, a court precedent called the Flores decision made it illegal to keep the families together in detention facilities — because, by law, children had to be released to other relatives or foster care within a set amount of time.

    Lastly, I’ll just note how perverse it is for people to enter the country illegally, flaunting laws with no repercussion, to be paid taxpayer money for supposed emotional stress while in detention. Believe me, I’m sympathetic on a human level, but that’s just plain wrong and should not be happening. The government should be fighting these lawsuits tooth and nail, if for no other reason than to avoid incentivizing more illegal immigration. Frankly, I don’t believe these settlements are necessary. I have strong suspicions they are happening because the Biden administration wants them to happen, not because they will somehow save the government money in litigation.

    So to recap, Biden, lied to Peter Doocy earlier in the week, lied again today when pressed on the matter, and then screamed at a reporter for daring to ask the question. But norms and decorum, right?

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