St. Louis Attorney Who Defended His Family From BLM Rioters Contemplating Massive Revenge


    Attorney Mark McCloskey and his wife made headlines (and memes) nationwide after they took the entirely normal stand of defending their home when rioters marched through their neighborhood at the height of the riots after the death of George Floyd.

    The St. Louis area attorney and his wife pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters and were blasted in the mainstream media for taking their stand. Now McCloskey says he is considering a 2022 run for Missouri‘s open Senate seat calling the idea “definitely a consideration.”

    During a Wednesday interview on Fox News, McCloskey said he’s “been getting a lot of response” from Missouri voters when contemplating the run, which if he won, would put him in the seat of retiring GOP Sen. Roy Blunt.

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    “I think there’s a general outpouring of concern for what’s going on currently with the erosion of the Constitution and our basic rights,” McCloskey said.

    The senator wouldn’t be alone in trying to grab republicans’ attention, since two Republicans are already launching campaigns to replace Blunt. Currently, the most prominent names in the race are former Gov. Eric Greitens and state Attorney General Eric Schmitt, according to Fox.

    “Although I’m not at this point running, it was nice to be able to go first before former Gov. Greitens and A.G. Schmitt. It gave everybody an opportunity to see us head to head,” McCloskey said when he spoke at a Jackson County GOP Reagan-Lincoln Day Dinner in Blue Springs, Mo. on Saturday.

    McCloskey shared. “We’ve been getting a strong response everyplace, and last Saturday was not an exception.”

    When pressed about when he might make the decision, the personal injury lawyer said, “I don’t really have a time frame on when we’re going to do it.”

    McCloskey was the subject of weapons charges brought by city attorneys after their highly politicized interaction with the protesters. They used their star-power to fundraise for then-President Trump‘s 2020 reelection campaign and were even invited to speak at last summer’s Republican National Convention, and appeared as guests at a gun-rights rally at the Missouri state capitol, according to Fox News.

    While speaking with Fox News on Wednesday, McCloskey emphasized that “we can no longer just say ‘America First,’ because America will go away unless we first say, ‘We’ve got to save America,’ pull America back and then go forward. If we don’t do it here in 2022, the opportunity may never recur.”

    McCloskey said he hasn’t “had the opportunity to speak with the president yet about this. If he is interested in speaking with me about it, I’d be very happy to do so.”

    “He has made some endorsements. We’d be absolutely thrilled if should he endorse us, but I think he’s going to keep the finger off the scale,” he added.

    The McClosky’s became somewhat of folk heroes to conservatives who, after weeks of seeing protests devolve into riots, and riots devolve into destruction, this husband and wife did the most natural thing in the world; they went out onto their own property and defended it.

    What’s even better, is that in their case, they lived to tell the tale, something that was not the case with many who choose to stand up for their lives and livelihoods during the 2020 riots. While the actual count is unclear, it’s thought that around two dozen people were caught up in the “mostly peaceful” protests.

    Americans saw the rule of law trashed and institutions they thought to be unassailably treated like so much rubble. It was a reminder that a constitutional republic like America is not infallible, and it is still only as good as the people who have sworn an oath to uphold it.

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