Democratic Fear Grows as Trump is Proven Correct Again After New COVID Report Comes Out


    President Trump has been under the gun for his entire presidential term and now because of his president’s successes. The Democrats made it a point to brand him as a liar and someone that did not know what he was talking about. But now that things are turning around in the country, the proof of things he was talking about is starting to come to the surface.

    Last year Donald Trump was made fun of by his statement that sunlight would be the coronavirus’s death. The Democrats could not even fathom the truth of that statement, so they pushed it as a fantasy and made him look like a crazy man in the media.

    But a study put out by the U.C. of Santa Barbara in connection with Oregon State University and the University of Manchester is proving Trump to be right again. They concluded that the sunlight would render the virus inactive. And the sunlight will kill eight times faster than what was initially thought.

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    This is the kind of information that the Democrats do not want to get out to the general public. Once people know that the virus dies in the sunlight, they will lose their control over people. The Democrats want people to stay indoors because that would keep the virus alive and mutating. But put everyone outside, and the virus disappears quickly, and the liberals are rendered powerless.

    President Trump is one of those people that has reliable intuition. He gets an idea and follows the science to the very conclusion that he thought we are the outcome. And in this case, the virus will die when exposed to sunlight.

    When Trump first thought that the virus would die in sunlight, the liberals thought he was crazy. But that did not stop the president from exploring the option. And now that the study is done, he has been right all along. The liberals just cannot admit defeat because their big heads get in the way of themselves.

    The sunshine effect is not the only thing that he has been right about recently. He had suspected that Barack Obama had tapped into Trump’s campaign in order to get juicy information about him. But when Trump brought up the issue, the liberals knocked it as paranoia. When the former president had the matter investigated, he was proven right again.

    The list of correct judgment calls is ever-growing. He was right about the coronavirus as it first started to spread from China. So he decided to keep people from China out of the country by placing a travel ban on them. Later on, the WHO proved him to be right despite their attempts to prove him wrong.

    Republicans were wise to trust his leadership in matters of sending kids back to school earlier than the liberals wanted to do. Trump stated that the virus would not affect them as much by being in school. And now that the red states have sent their kids back to the classroom, Trump has been proven right again.

    Donald Trump has so many instances where he has been proven right that it boggles the mind to see liberals still doubting his honesty. He contested the election because he suspected mass fraud taking place. And within three months of the election is done, mass fraud evidence is being discovered.

    The COVID-19 study in sunlight proves what kind of man Donald Trump really is. He is a man that told the truth and was honest with the people. He served the country and not his own selfish interests. He put the country ahead of himself as every president should do. Joe Biden puts himself first, which is why he is failing as a president.

    According to Donald Trump, it is time to get out of the house and back into the sunshine. It is the most effective way to beat the COVID bug once and for all. It will also be the way that the Democrats will be defeated with how they have taken control of lives under viral rule.

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