Biden Remarks on Supply Chain Disruptions Are Classic Biden in a Nutshell


    We’re seeing a lot of problems as a result of supply chain disruptions, with more shortages anticipated.

    We’re seeing empty shelves again and getting a lot of warnings on the system that the problems are going to get worse. But there are a lot of intricate, more long-term issues here that need proper attention. And Joe Biden has ignored solutions on the subject for a long time.

    Biden spoke today on the unfolding crisis and what he intended to do to help resolve the disruptions in the supply chain.

    But in an apropos symbol of how late he has really been to the subject, which has been an unfolding crisis, Biden was over an hour late in delivering his scheduled remarks. Then he only spoke for about 10 minutes and said nothing that was really new and how he was actually going to make things better now.

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    Then he had some issues with the teleprompter, saying people’s names and even thanking his “supply sane [sic] disruption task force.” I’m not sure what a “supply sane” is.

    Now there are a lot of things that Biden could have touched on but didn’t — from dealing with long-term trucking issues to how his various policy actions around things like vaccine mandates and unemployment have contributed to the various problems. But he didn’t address any of those issues.

    Given that it’s such a significant issue — affecting all Americans across the country, in many critical ways — he stayed around to answer whatever questions the media might have had to reassure Americans that he was taking this issue very seriously.

    No, sorry, just kidding. You know he wouldn’t do that. He gave a canned “God bless our troops” ending remark, turned on his heel, and beat it out of there, refusing to take questions from any reporters, including one who tried to ask about the delay of Christmas presents for Americans and another about what he was going to do to lower rising gas prices.

    But he did have just one fan in the audience at the end of all his remarks.

    Obviously, really wowing folks there with his reassuring comments — not so much. I’m guessing that’s probably one of the guys whose name he got wrong. But, he obviously really didn’t care about whether he was actually answering or reassuring anyone’s concerns.

    At least we were spared the story of how he once worked as a longshoreman on the docks before he decided to go into politics.

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