What? In Plea for More Mask Mandates Biden Says We Can’t Afford “More Desks”


    Joe Biden is one of those people that misses the obvious as it stares him in the face. The science behind COVID-19 clearly shows a tapering off of the virus and that there is no need for any further aggressive measures to contain or combat the sickness.

    But listening to and watching Biden react to the fake news being published by the mass media is enough to make anyone laugh with contention at the ridiculous paranoia that exists within his frail mind.

    The great foolish minds in Washington D.C. tell everyone to follow their science. But when their science is followed, it leads to confusion because there is no proof of their data. And even if their science was reliable, they should be telling people to look at it objectively and not telling them how to interpret the data.

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    But that would go against what Biden wants for himself. He needs to tell people what to think since he has this great need to be loved and adored by people. He wants to be that teddy bear source of information that people flock to for answers. But the only flocking he is getting is a bunch of boos as he continues to anger people with his doomsday speeches.

    Joe, the Stalin Biden, wants to extend wearing a mask for an indefinite period of time. He has even gotten the greedy Dr. Anthony Fauci to agree with him over wearing the mask. There is no amount of science on this earth that will ever convince these two charlatans that masks do not work the way they are telling people they work.

    Biden has created a sea of bad policies and decisions that have led to a stew pot of hatred for his administration. The fearful mask mandate is just one of many, but it ranks right at the top because people are tired of wasting their money on the trash that doesn’t do any good for their health.

    A month ago, Biden came out and demanded that Republicans take their states back to the dark ages and join the liberal-run states with lockdowns and face coverings. All he got was laughed at and told to leave people alone. And now he is back issuing the same rhetoric.

    In his latest speech, the old man is demanding again that places such as Texas and Mississippi take ten significant steps backward and join the rest of the states in the dark ages. And while he is making such demands, the states are turning up their noses at him because they are not going to swim in his sewage of fear any longer.

    Biden may claim with his partner Anthony Fauci that masks protect from the virus, but millions of Americans are not wearing them that proves the contrary. What is hurting Biden’s request is that new cases are happening in states that still have mask mandates. Biden is lying through his fake teeth about how protective masks are somewhere along the path of craziness.

    The very thought that the federal government has to regulate mask-wearing is childish. People should be left alone to care for their own health, and if they choose to wear a mask, it is not up to them or anyone else to force others to put on the Islamic leash.

    Biden just cannot bring himself to admit that his mandates are not working as new outbreaks in mask-controlled areas are on the rise. But he would never admit his failures. He would rather blame someone else or some other source for the new cases.

    The coronavirus is the common cold virus, so it stands to reason that there are going to be new cases. It does not mean that it is going to sweep the globe and kill everyone like the Democrats believe it will.

    Biden believes that it is unpatriotic not to wear a mask. But it is even more unpatriotic to force people to do things against their right to choose for their own life and liberty.

    Biden continues to alienate Republican-run states because he viciously attacks every one of them. After all, they will not jump on the liberal horse that is running backward. The rear end of the beast is supposed to be following the head. But Biden cannot tell the rear end from the head in any case.

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