Lori Lightfoot Seems to Be Setting New Records for People Shot


    Imagine if Lori Lightfoot had been honest when she ran for Chicago mayor. She should have let everyone know that she was going to kick back in her cushy office while people got shot at. Perhaps she should have even admitted that she would watch as the numbers grew more and more horrendous.

    No one would have voted for her, obviously.

    She doesn’t have the position for life. If she enjoys being mayor, which looking at her social calendar, it appears she does, she may need to remember that she has to campaign to keep that job.

    At this rate, it seems like the number of people being shot at increases week after week. Tourism is down considerably, and for good reason. No one wants to risk getting shot just because they decided to tour the Windy City.

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    This past weekend, 62 people were shot. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we were telling you that 20 people were shot. 20 seemed like a lot of shootings for a single weekend. The mayor has really outdone herself as we prepare to enter the fall months.

    Out of the 62 people shot, the Chicago Sun-Times identifies that eight were fatalities.

    Lightfoot would like to plead ignorant and blame it all on gun laws. She’d like to blame it on the economy and people having to fight to survive.

    That’s just not the case, though. One of the shootings happened in a private residence over a card game.

    Others happened on the expressways. Chicago roadways continue to be violent – and the city has witnessed over 170 shootings on the expressways in Cook County since the beginning of the year. This takes road rage to an entirely new level.

    We are constantly hearing about the shootings. What we’re not hearing about is what Lightfoot is doing about it. Sure, she has other responsibilities as mayor. However, when citizens are losing their lives simply because they shared the expressway with a murderer, it seems like that should take priority.

    Lightfoot would rather pretend it’s not happening. After eight people lost their lives and others were being treated for gunshot wounds in hospitals, the mayor chose not to acknowledge any of it on Twitter. Instead, she promoted a fashion show that would leave The Mag Mile shut down for most of the day. The next day, she talked about the library opening new branches. Then, she focused on how the city would be hosting artist events.


    She really doesn’t get it.

    If people continue to be shot within the city, there will be no one to attend the fashion shows. There will be no one to check out books. And there will be no one to appreciate the work being created by artists.

    The mayor has a job until the elections in 2023. That means that the city of Chicago has to watch an inept politician lead for two more years. More violence. More guns. More shooting. The governor could step in, but he doesn’t want to make it look like a liberal can’t handle the job. Anyone could step in, but they’d rather see the shootings on the rise than take down a black, liberal mayor. After all, what would people say?

    The entire state would rather turn a blind eye to Lightfoot’s ineptitude and watch the shooting count rise rather than risk being called racist.

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