Socialism Sets In for New York As Venders Begin To Fight Back


    Many people benefit from door-to-door delivery services. Many people who work for DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub earn what they need to pay their bills each month. But when city officials want their part of the money that they did not earn, they will be up for a fight. And that is precisely what the liberals in New York City will get from delivery companies that serve the city.

    The pandemic did a lot of damage to the well-being of a lot of people. The overreach of Democrats at all levels of government was underway. They would try and take whatever they could and pray that people would not notice. But when they tried to take money that was not there to have, it caught the business owner’s attention and food delivery drivers.

    The city council of New York limited the amount that the delivery companies could charge restaurants to 15 percent when COVID-19 came to the city. The cap was meant to help the restaurants save money during the tight months ahead for the business owners.

    The nasty Democrats had other plans that they would try and push on the delivery companies. The plan was intended to help everyone survive, but as the time grew for the cap to be removed, the city council decided that they were going to keep the cap in place. The restaurant owners were gripped about the previous fees and got the city to their selfish idea.

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    One report noted that the food delivery companies had filed a lawsuit that dictates the “Girding the argument from food delivery apps is the idea that restaurants do not have to enter into agreements with them. The City Council does not regulate fees from other marketers that restaurants might use, such as Google, Yelp or online reservation apps. The fee caps chosen by the City Council are also arbitrary and not supported by economic impact studies, the lawsuit charges.”

    The delivery companies compete with app-based services. The restaurants know that if they can get the customer to come for the food, they can cut out the middleman and save a ton of money. The Democrats love the idea because it eliminates free enterprise, giving them a path to seizing more power over people.

    The law that the city passed is being deemed unconstitutional because they are effectively interfering with contracts between businesses. The city changed the terms of the original contract by cutting the percentage to 15 percent. And now they want to dictate other terms by forcing compliance on the delivery companies.

    Kattie Norris is an executive with Grubhub. She has stated that “Price controls increase delivery fees for consumers, and therefore lead to a reduction of orders for both restaurants and couriers. While Grubhub remains willing to engage with the City Council, we, unfortunately, are left with no choice but to take legal action.”

    New York City is harsh with its COVID-19 regulations. They have boxed people up in their homes for months at a time. They refused to let people work and have only recently allowed kids to start learning again. Any person deemed nonessential were to remain at home.

    The city has made it impossible for anyone to continue to work within the city. The people have had to move out of the city to survive because of the restrictions they have been forced to live under.

    And now Andrew Cuomo, when he was still in office, stated that “Remember, we have to get people back and we have to get people back in volume. If you were to see a 15% decline of people coming back to New York City, that would have a devastating impact on the commercial market.”

    This is the problem that the Democrats have created. And now they are demanding that people move back so they can continue to make their lives miserable. The liberals made the mess, and they did not expect people to sit around and let them ruin their lives.

    The city has tons of places ready for people to live, but no one can live there without working. And the nasty liberals have done an excellent job of showing that socialism does not work.

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