Now Here Is a Great Idea! NY Governor Releases Hundreds More Violent Criminals Amidst Crime Wave


    There were rumblings that Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul is more of a moderate type. We were even willing to believe them at first. Now that we have had some time to see how this woman operates? We are starting to think that this woman might be just as bad as Governor Cuomo was. She certainly doesn’t care about the well-being of the state that she governs in any sort of meaningful way.

    Once she was sworn in, she immediately decided that it was time to open the doors of Rikers Island, allowing prisoners to run free. That’s certainly not going to help matters when we are already in the midst of a massive crime wave. Of course, in typical Democrat fashion, she was not about to stop there.

    A new bill has been signed into law by the governor. This bill is known as the Less Is More Act. This bill is designed to keep prisoners out of lockup, as long as it can be said that they are being sent home for the right reasons. In other words, “technical violations” are no longer going to be included.

    Nearly 200 criminals were allowed to go home because of this bill. Hochul is already landing on a lot of people’s wrong side here and she only has herself to blame for it. This was her chance to show us that she is different from the others. As it turns out, she is not a cut above the rest. CBS New York has more:

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    “Gov. Kathy Hochul acted to immediately free several hundred parolees from Rikers Island and made arrangements to move several hundred more from the notorious jail complex to state lockups to ease the unsafe conditions at the troubled facility.

    But the correction officers union is questioning the effectiveness of the actions in ending the crisis.

    As CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reports, unlike her predecessor, Hochul was careful not to attack Mayor Bill de Blasio, who bears the ultimate responsibility for fixing Rikers. But as she signed the Less Is More Act into law Friday, she made it clear she was trying to protect the lives of both the prisoners and the correction officers.”

    Now, if you skip out on a parole meeting or fail a drug test, no worries! You will be right out back out on the street by lunchtime. Hochul has made sure of it. Yes, we understand the need to reduce the amount of overcrowding that is currently taking place in our nation’s prisons. On the other hand, this cannot come at the expense of the safety and well-being of those who are actually willing to follow the law.

    This is something that the progressives fail to consider, time and time again. They would rather pander than come up with an idea that is actually useful. Hochul is more worried about her own personal shame. That’s why New York locking up parole violators at one of the higher rates in the nation is such a problem to her. It’s not because she is considering what anyone else thinks.

    The worst part of all is that the bill does not go into effect until next March. That means that cons will be released into the community, despite the fact that they are being freed by a bill that they do not even qualify for yet. In essence, she is already commuting their sentences, even though this part is not being said out loud at the moment.

    Our hearts definitely go out to all of the New York City residents who are left to pick up the pieces. The city is in the midst of a massive crime wave that no one seems interested in doing anything about. The crime wave is here and our cities are on fire. Meanwhile, Democratic governors like this pinhead are doing nothing more than fanning the flames.

    Hochul’s Plan Is Beyond Stupid

    Sure, let’s dump hundreds of criminals back into society….

    That’s what this harebrained governor wants. In fact, she has already signed a new bill that guarantees that this will be happening in New York for a long time to come.

    Hundreds of Riker’s residents have been released back onto the streets. The bill does not even go into effect until next March!

    We shudder to think of how bad things are going to get from here! Hochul is a madwoman….

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