Meet the New Taliban Operative Named Joe Biden


    Joe Biden is secretly joining forces with America’s enemies. He has already shown sympathy towards Iran and helping them institute another pointless nuclear deal that will allow them to make nuclear weapons. And he opened the door for China to prey upon American research centers and to take their technology. But his latest actions have aligned him with the Taliban and all those that would engage in acts of terror against the innocent.

    Biden’s claim to fame is to weaken the United States, not to wage war on terror or against any other evil force that may arise in the world. He ignorantly believes that these terrorist organizations are going to sit back and leave everyone alone. When in fact, they are already planning their next hostile move against nations that embrace freedom.

    Michael Morell served as the Acting CIA Director under pointless Barack Obama. He recently appeared on CBS to show how the communist president’s actions are inspiring Islamic extremists around the globe. He has allowed the Taliban to take back their terrorist territory, allowing al-Qaeda to move back in and start up their terrorist operations again.

    The Islamic extremists in the House are gloating over how Biden is giving them everything hoped for and more related to terrorist activity and setting up America for another attack. Joe Biden has become the Taliban’s biggest cheerleader.

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    The terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri took to the camera and produced a video in defiance that showed they were back in Afghanistan. The video came out on the anniversary of the attacks on American soil. He issued the video as if to boast that Americans had lost and the terrorists had won.

    The United Nations has also released a report showing that the Taliban allows the terrorists to start up their operations again. Joe Biden has done the world a massive disservice and has joined the ranks of terrorists wanted around the world. The old man has blindly fallen into their trap and has aligned himself with evil.

    Morell stated in response to a question asked by Margaret Brennan that “We think so, which means that the Taliban is harboring Zawahiri today. The Taliban is harboring al-Qaeda today. And I think that’s a very important point.”

    .@MichaelJMorell on keeping Al Qaeda threat at bay following Afghanistan withdrawal: “We have to figure out how we’re going to collect two types of intelligence — how we’re going to make sure that Al Qaeda is not rebuilding its capabilities and is planning on attacking us again.”

    — Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) September 12, 2021

    Joe Biden pulled American troops out of Afghanistan before the government was ready to stand on its own. The national forces were not trained as well as they should have been. And they indeed were not numerous enough to fight off the hordes of terrorists that came flooding back to fight.

    The threats aimed at the United States have doubled since Joe Biden has taken office, and it will only get worse unless Biden is removed along with his vice president and administration. Biden has singlehandedly crippled America’s efforts to fight terror. And it will be next to impossible to get any reliable information about the terrorists from the Taliban as they are in league with those that hate America.

    Al-Qaeda just needed a haven to get things moving again.

    Morell pointed out that “I think that the Taliban winning the war in Afghanistan and then the way our exit happened has inspired jihadists all over the world. “The Taliban is saying we didn’t defeat the United States. We defeated NATO. We defeated the world’s greatest military power ever. So there’s a celebration going on. We defeated the Soviet Union. Then it fell. Now we’ve defeated NATO. Right? Maybe they can fall, too.”

    Obama’s Acting CIA Director Michael Morell: Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal “absolutely inspired jihadists all over the world”

    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 12, 2021

    All Biden has done is inspired terrorists all around the world to go after mighty nations that once fought against them. Joe Biden should have stayed out of the issue and let the next Republican president take care of the Taliban. The old man has the worst international policy ever seen by any president.

    Morell noted that the terrorist ran out of Afghanistan when the United States came in. Now that Biden has completely shut the door for America to help free the people living there, the terrorists have moved back. And they are looking to expand their property lines across the seas to the United States. And Joe Biden is opening the door for them to come right on in.

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