Ron DeSantis Exposes the Inconsistency Behind Joe Biden


    Democrats everywhere are scared to death of one bit of truth that is being deliberately ignored from ever getting out. The mainstream media has worked overtime to bury the commonsense knowledge that the human body can heal itself of most viral infections. The millions of people that caught COVID-19 during the early stages of the outbreak are immune to ever getting it again.

    The human body keeps detailed records of the viruses that it attacks. If that virus ever shows up again, the body senses it and immediately deploys the agents to kill it off before it ever becomes an issue. Most doctors know the truth and are astounded to hear Dr. Anthony Fauci admit that he does not know if natural immunity is even absolute.

    There is undeniable proof provided through countless studies that natural immunity is absolute and applies to COVID-19. And what these studies are proving is that natural immunity is longer lasting and has better protection from those that have been vaccinated.

    The nasty mandate passed down by dictator Biden indicates that he refuses to believe the truth behind the numerous reports regarding natural immunity. A person with COVID-19 does not need to get the vaccine because they are better protected than those who have taken the shot in the arm. All the dictator wants to do is cover up the messes he has laid out before the American people.

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    Biden has also attacked Republican governors for their willingness to stand against his power grab. Ron DeSantis is Biden’s favorite choice to attack. He has relentlessly taken shots at the Floridian governor only to be beaten down by the truth.

    Ron DeSantis has proven over and over again that he can keep Joe Biden out of Florida. When Biden demanded that every person get the vaccine, all DeSantis could do was laugh and point out the obvious about why so many people did not get the vaccine. It was because they were already immune to the virus.

    DeSantis pointed out that “These mandates, this is not about science — because if it was about science, you would recognize the infection conferred immunity. Israel did a study. They said it was much, much more protective than the Pfizer vaccine. Cleveland Clinic did a study, same thing. Every single credible study always shows that it [natural immunity] provides good protection. And so that’s just the reality.”

    HeShe pointed out that adherence to Biden’s mandate is the first step to denying science based on science. It makes absolutely no sense to force people to get vaccinated if they do not need it. It all comes down to Biden wanting to claim victory over the pandemic by boasting of a 100 percent vaccination rate. And he is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the praise he so desperately needs, even if it means violating the Constitution to get it.

    Biden is not following the science and is not listening to the doctors that know a lot more than he ever will about medicine. The aged politician lives in a world where he is always right, and everyone else is always wrong. He will force as many people as he can to submit to his dictatorship before his mind crumbles under the weight of dementia.

    Biden’s America is the only country that is denying the reality of natural immunity. One report noted that Sweden and other places acknowledge that natural immunity is the same as being vaccinated. And those places are open and thriving. And their death rate is under three people a day.

    The difference between the United States and everywhere else is that the Democrats want to continue politicizing the virus because they need the uncertainty to keep taking freedoms away from people.

    Ron DeSantis and the other Republican governors will continue to fight against the nasty dictator as long as he remains in office. He will not be allowed to infringe on the freedoms of Floridians who have been living free of mask mandates and forced vaccinations for over a year. And the entire state continues to have the lowest numbers of actual COVID infections because Ron DeSantis works for the people and not himself as Joe Biden does.

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