Judge Intervention Forces Psaki to Reveal Truth Behind Biden and Iran


    The Democrats believe that they are in a position to do whatever they want without having to answer for their devious ways. But groups such as the ACLJ and the Judicial Watch are one step ahead of the liberals. They deliberately keep track of what Biden and his communist partner Harris are pushing around by way of regulations and law.

    This time around, the ACLJ caught Joe Biden and his staff in a bald-faced lie that has been festering for several years. The secret was so massive that it could not stay hidden for long. In 2013 Victoria Nuland worked under then-President Obama as he secretly worked with Iran to fund and supply them with what they needed to wage an all-out nuclear strike when the time came.

    James Rosen asked Nuland if the talks were taking place, and she emphatically denied that any talks were taking place. Rosen’s exact words were, “There have been reports that intermittently, and outside of the formal P5+1 mechanisms, the Obama Administration, or members of it, have conducted direct secret bilateral talks with Iran. Is that true or false?”

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    Nuland had to think fast, so she reported that “We have made clear, as the Vice President did at Munich, that in the context of the larger P5+1 framework, we would be prepared to talk to Iran bilaterally. But with regard to the kind of thing that you’re talking about on a government-to-government level, no.”

    What was revealed by the ACLJ was that the talks did take place, and Iran was loving every minute of the attention they were getting from Obama. They were getting from him what they needed to grow their nuclear program. Iran has long sought the ability to have destructive weapons so they can use them for terrorism.

    Then comes along Jen Psaki. She cannot think on her feet and gives answers that are as confusing as Joe Biden’s head. Rosen asked her the same question “Is it the policy of the State Department, where the preservation or the secrecy of secret negotiations is concerned, to lie in order to achieve that goal?”

    Psaki was caught. She had to respond, “James, I think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. This is a good example of that. . . .” The Democratic way to tell a lie has been revealed. Give a super high answer with no substance, and Psaki can get away with anything.

    Somewhere behind the scenes, the conversation between Psaki and Rosen was removed. It was edited out of the conversation. Liberal-loving scoundrels erased a total of eight minutes—all for the purpose of covering a lie that the Democratic Party is in league with Iran.

    So here are two cases of the Democrats being caught lying to the American people. And in each case, the media worked with them to cover it all up. They may even claim that the information was lost in a mysterious “glitch,” but withholding the truth is still a lie.

    Psaki is not in the clear by a long shot. The ALCJ came out and stated that she was found to be in possession of an email that dictates the liberals did lie about the secret negotiations with Iran. The watchdog group has since requested a copy of the email. And, of course, the liberal-run Department of Justice is refusing to provide a copy of the email.

    The DOJ claims that for the age-old excuse of security concerns, it cannot be given out. Biden and his staff are praying that they are not going to be discovered betraying the American people to the Iranians.

    But that is where a federal judge comes in. Biden thought he beat out the ACLJ, but that was before they took the matter to the courts. The judge ordered Biden to turn over the email for his private viewing. The judge will determine if the liberals are lying about “security reasons” before turning it over to the ACLJ.

    The liberals are a party of lies. They must keep on lying to keep covering up their sinful and treacherous ways.

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