Californians Neglected as Nursing Homes Caught Cycling Patients for COVID Cash


    Gavin Newsom is California’s version of Andrew Cuomo. The only difference between the two is that Newsom has not been caught plotting the murders of elderly people. But the way Newsom runs the state of California leaves a lot to be desired. And some of the policies regarding COVID-19 certainly have not helped the integrity of some of the nursing homes in the state.

    Newsom sets the example that all that matters in life is money. He grants party favors to those that donate vast sums of money to his projects. That model of business has landed at least one nursing home in a lot of trouble with authorities.

    Lakeview Terrance nursing home has been accused of revolving patients so they can bring in COVID-19 patients because they get more money for treating them than regular sick people.

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    They are accused of patient neglect so that they can gain a few extra dollars. The practice of pushing patients out the door is called “dumping.” They limit the time non-COVID patients can stay so they can maximize the 99 beds they have for the coronavirus patients. They found out that Medicare pays more for their care.

    Mike Feuer is the Los Angeles City, Attorney. He went after Lakeview Terrance and nailed them $130,000 in civil penalties and charged them another $40,000 for attorney fees.

    He went on to note that “This victory for these patients is all the more important given COVID-19’s devastating impact on nursing home residents in L.A. and across the nation. Now there will be dramatic improvements in patient care, new COVID-related protections, improved oversight when patients are discharged, and ongoing work by a Performance Monitor to ensure critical safeguards are followed.”

    Human neglect is a trademark of Democratic rule. Gavin Newsom does it all of the time when his liberal buddies throw a party, and he gets to dine out with them while every other poor soul is locked away in their homes dreaming of the day when they can leave and run in the great outdoors.

    The sick nursing home is under a lot of scrutinies. They are also going to be required to increase the nursing staff to double what it is today. They will be monitored for up to 18-months to figure out if they comply or not. And the price tag for the monitoring service is coming in at about $210,000. The price for neglect is hefty.

    The monitoring service will have full access to patient records. The monitoring team can come in at any time and conduct audits and inspections without providing any notice. The nursing home has invited a watchdog service to inspect all their discharge paper and physician orders until the 18-month period is over.

    Many of the employees were being accused of even giving medication to patients. They were signing off on the drugs but never giving them to the patients. It sounds just like Democrats steal the drugs and sell them to the highest bidder on the street.

    But the monitoring service will oversee the distribution of the medication. It all comes down to properly caring for people. Liberals have a way of purposefully neglecting people once they have the money.

    The nursing home will also be required to keep a supply of the N95 masks on hand and other medical safety devices. The nursing home has a high infection rate because they want the patients to come into the facility. They want them because Medicare pays really well.

    The monitoring service can also enact strict fines against the center if they find a violation puts a person’s life in danger. The fine could be up to $6,00 per occurrence.

    This is not the first time the nursing home has been in violation of adequately caring for people. It was found at an earlier time that the center was “dumping” homeless people out on Skid Row. That case required them to pay $200,000 in fines and another $50,000 to house the homeless. These amounts are all but a slap on the wrist. If the fines were increased to the sum of millions, the problem would have been corrected the first time.

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