Dr. Fauci Is Finally Asked About Natural Immunity and Now I Want to Punch a Wall


    Dr. Anthony Fauci is a liar. That much has been clear for a very long time, though, it’s become more in your face as the months have worn on. The latest example comes courtesy of documents that prove Fauci lied about NIH funding going to gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China.

    So has the good doctor been humbled by his recent pantsing? Of course not. Instead, he’s continued his streak of dishonesty, with this latest example being especially egregious given the facts as we know them.

    So let me get this straight. The head of NIAID and the face of the pandemic response has no idea whether natural immunity exists or is durable? He’s seen none of the studies that show natural immunity confers stronger protection than two doses of the vaccine? He hasn’t looked at any of the real-world data sets? He hasn’t seen any of the numbers from the United Kingdom or Israel? Really?

    No one believes this garbage. Rather, Fauci is lying again, in my opinion, because if he acknowledges natural immunity and how strong it is, he acknowledges how ridiculous Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate is. Any mandate that doesn’t include carveouts for natural immunity is logically asinine and spitting in the face of the science. So instead of just telling the truth and noting that there should be exceptions, Fauci plays dumb as if the freaking head of NIAID just has no idea about how natural immunity works.

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    It’s enough to make someone want to punch a wall. Deep breaths and all that.

    We are led by dishonest hacks who are putting politics above the health of Americans. That is why there’s vaccine hestiancy, not because of Fox News or Donald Trump. No one trusts these people because they do not deserve any trust. They continually mislead and make decisions based on what fits the narrative they want and not based on where the facts lead.

    In short, Fauci should be fired, but we’ve known that since the first month of the pandemic.

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