The Dems Are Catering to Transgenders as They Kick God From the White House


    Unless a person is well acquainted with, or perhaps related to, a transgender person, they probably have little understanding, and perhaps tolerance, of those who simply cannot live with God’s horrid mistake.

    It’s difficult for anyone who isn’t in the trenches with the issue to fully understand the biological or emotional reasons leading a person wanting to hop genders and change their name. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it. Neither do the politicians in D.C. who can’t agree on how to deal with the once non-existent issue of gender-reassignment.

    Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, New York Democrat Jerry Nadler, thinks they should leave the matter alone. He said, “What any religious tradition ascribes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.” In other words, keep religion out of politics.

    He said this in response Florida Republican representative who chose to quote the bible during a debate about revising the Equality Act. The representative pointed out how the book of Deuteronomy clearly states that God’s intention is for people to remain as they were born. Men are men, and women are women. Period.

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    But the lawmaker, fully aware of how quoting scripture would not receive the desired result, delved straight into his, and many others, concerns over women’s sports. Even heathens have to admit to this being a problem.

    Argue if you will, but America was in fact founded on Christian principles by virtue of the very men who wrote our constitution. So it only stands to reason how these same principles should still be applied or at least considered in a modern Christian majority nation. There are Christians living in Iraq who have no say whatsoever in the Muslim-run nation.

    But take heed, Nadler by himself is powerless to remove God from American politics. Each new session of the House begins with a bowing of heads, as does every session held by every committee.

    Nadler’s liberal words reveal a strong message about what is happening under the Biden administration. He/She’s and She/He’s are the latest trend. The Supreme Court is currently reviewing a case concerning the city of Philadelphia. The city, which at one time stood behind the Catholic Social Services foster care and adoption programs, has suddenly pulled the plug on them.

    Why did the city do this? Because of the Catholic belief in traditional marriage between one man and one woman, which is inclusive of the happy couple still being the same genders as God made them. Because of this, the city is overlooking the thousands upon thousands of children the non-profit organization has successfully placed in loving homes, and those still in need of good homes.

    Just last week, an 18-year high school senior with hairy armpits and bulging muscles won the 110-pound division of the Texas girls’ Class 6A wrestling competition. Even though he/she still looks like a guy, for the second consecutive year, he/she has taken home the trophy by identifying as a female. There was a mixture of applause and boos.

    These are but of few of the mind-boggling issues being faced with revising the Equality Act. Where does one draw the line? If the Democrats have their say in the matter, it would appear as though anyone can claim to be whatever gender they prefer on any given day, or when it may prove more advantageous to switch roles.

    While many agree that politics and religion are an often volatile mixture when we start losing touch with the foundation on which our nation was built we’re heading down the wrong road.

    As long as the Biden crew remains in charge we can expect to see that foundation start to crumble. But since we also know that the old guy isn’t going to serve out his full term, don’t lose faith. Foundations can be patched.

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