DeSantis Spills the Beans on Where Illegal Immigrants are Being Dumped


    We’ve been wondering where the illegal migrants are being shipped to within the interior of the U.S. The Biden administration has been very hush about the catch & release program that they’ve instituted.

    If illegal migrants are being shipped into our state or city, we should know…right?

    Well, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has spilled the beans by calling the Biden administration out on what their illegal immigration tactics are doing.

    DeSantis has delivered a letter to the Biden administration to ask the Department of Homeland Security to start protecting state residents. The only way this can be done is to stop releasing dangerous illegal immigrants into the various communities of Florida.

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    The governor was clear: “While Floridians are working to ensure that criminal aliens are not released back into our communities, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appears to be hard at work resettling ever-larger numbers of illegal aliens who have no lawful status under federal immigration law from the southwest border to Florida.”

    Well, at least we know where some of the illegal immigrants are being shipped to.

    The problem with illegal immigrants has been seen in numerous waves – an uptick in crime, a shortage of housing, and a strain on the local economy.

    DeSantis’ letter asks that the Biden administration tell DHS officials to cease the resettlement of illegal aliens in Florida. He’s not without a suggestion, though. Those illegal aliens can either be removed from the U.S. or resettled into states that support the administration’s “continued flouting” of the country’s immigration laws.

    It’s hard to govern a state and keep citizens safe when the federal government is doing everything it can to disrupt the country and take citizens’ safety and well-being away.

    DeSantis has made it clear that the border crisis is solely because of the actions of President Biden. He goes on to say that the Constitution charges the president with executing the laws – and that includes those that focus on immigration enforcement.

    The problem is that the Biden administration isn’t looking to fulfill its responsibility. They would rather ignore immigration laws because it allows them to feed their hero complexes. They are adding more people into the U.S. and simultaneously changing voting laws so that they can win more elections.

    DeSantis is not an unfair man. After all, he’s been dubbed America’s governor. He’s very welcoming – and will do whatever he can to make sure that people who are in need of help get it.

    “Floridians welcome responsible immigration,” he explains. There’s an important keyword there – “Responsible.” Nothing about what the Biden administration is doing at the southern border is responsible. Biden is serving the needs of illegal immigrants over Floridians and Americans as a whole.

    What’s going on at the southern border is no secret – and the amount of migration is astonishing. In July, there were 212,000 migrants. Many are not being background checked before being released and non are being tested for COVID or being vaccinated before being released.

    It was only a matter of time before America’s governor called the Biden administration out on their lawlessness. Now, let’s see if it makes a difference because the release of illegal immigrants has to come to an end.

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