Democrats Loyal to the End as One Admits Cuomo Is a Positive Force for Liberalism


    Andrew Cuomo is New York’s murder man. When He was governor of the state, he purposely sent COVID patients into nursing homes, which led to thousands of deaths. He tried to cover it up and was caught in the act.

    Cuomo is also New York’s apex sexual predator. The volume of women that he hit on and abused is staggering. Those acts of violence against women were the catalyst to him losing his beloved award and losing his position of power.

    And yet will all that criminal behavior, there are those Democrats that believe him to be a saint. Jay Jacobs leads the New York Democratic Party, and he is now on record claiming that Andrew Cuomo is still a “productive” and “positive” person in the liberal party.

    The thought of a sexual predator leading in the Democratic Party is chilling. It causes people to wonder what other elite members of the sad party are worse than Cuomo could ever be.

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    Jacobs was asked by Lawrence O’Donnell several questions that would eventually pull out the truth of what the liberal saw in his beloved former governor. O’Donnell was curious about what would happen to the $18 million in donations that Cuomo had raised for the party. Those funds are locked in place since it is illegal for them to be transferred to another candidate.

    O’Donnell got right to the point when he said, “He can give it to your state Democratic Party. Are you going to ask him for that $18 million?”

    Democrats are greedy and will take any money that comes their way. Jacobs was drooling over the money when he replied. “I can share the wiring instructions with him if he would like. We would be more than happy to take some of that money into the party.”

    Cuomo has gone from being a significant contender in the Democratic Party to being a fundraiser cheerleader. Jacobs was hoping that the crooked Cuomo would stay active. He mentioned that “And his help with those funds and other assets certainly, you know, would be something we would appreciate.”

    The ex-governors past will haunt him for the rest of his. It remains to be seen whether he will live out those days free or barred up in prison. But for the time being, the state-level Democrats have their eyes on his funding-raising ability.

    O’Donnell pointed out that “But is that, kind of, morally acceptable to the New York State Democratic Party, that Andrew Cuomo would sit there with the $18 million and dole it out to the people within the Democratic Party … [whom] he favors?” He was quick to point out that “a grudge match against others whom he resents based on the way the last year of his career has worked out” could take place.

    The Democrats in New York are already fighting to see who gets his money. Jacobs played the lovely card when he stated he would be okay with whatever happened. But deep down, he wants the money. But what they have failed to think through is that Cuomo could run as an independent, assuming he is not in prison soon.

    For Cuomo to run as an independent would spell disaster for the Democrats. It would not be suitable for anyone that was once associated with him.

    Andrew Cuomo cannot hide behind the protections of political office any longer. The sexual advances and undesired touching he did to eleven different women marks him out as a sexual predator. Most other men would have already been jailed and branded as a felon. They would have been forced to wear the ankle bracelet and register where they are living.

    Blinded Jacobs would go on to say that “I feel badly for the governor because I don’t see him as a bad person at all.”  He also defended the ex-governor by stating that Cuomo’s “legacy that certainly deserves, you know, our admiration for so many parts of it.”

    The women he advanced on and touched would have something else to say about the man. But for now, Cuomo has a torn world of his own, making it wade through. And many are hoping it leads to a life behind bars.

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