Biden Polls Crater: Most Want Him to Resign, Shocking Number Is on Impeachment


    Joe Biden’s ship has finally run aground on the polls.

    They began to nosedive at the beginning of the Afghanistan debacle in the middle of last month. For example, his polling average went under 50 by August 16.

    But now, Biden’s numbers have absolutely cratered in all respects.

    Both the Real Clear Politics average and the FiveThirtyEight average were underwater.

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    FiveThiryEight had 47.2 disapproving and 46.7 approving.

    Real Clear Politics really skewered him with 49.2 disapproving to 45.8 approving, first time the approval was under 46.

    That last graph is pretty striking. If you factor in that the polls tend to weight to Democrats, you know the numbers are likely even worse. Although, no doubt, you will still get folks saying how does he even get above 40% approval after all he has done?

    But those were the good numbers.

    Biden was underwater in the Morning Consult poll as well, but perhaps even more significantly, six in ten people said the country has “seriously gone off on the wrong track.” That’s a horrible indicator for Biden.

    On top of that, the latest Rasmussen numbers found that 52% want Biden to resign over the disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal, while 39% disagree. But that wasn’t all.

    An even bigger number agreed with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that Biden deserved to be impeached. 60% agreed with Graham’s statement that Biden should be impeached, with 37% saying no, according to Newsmax.

    “I think Joe Biden deserves to be impeached because he’s abandoned thousands of Afghans who fought with us and he’s going to abandon some American citizens because he capitulated to the Taliban to a 31 August deadline,” Graham said.

    That’s a pretty huge number that agree with impeachment. One of the reasons? Biden is finally finding no real cover in the media, there’s been a lot of honest reporting and a lot of truth is coming out when it comes to Afghanistan.

    But, at this point, the only thing that’s really saving him on that in the public’s mind is that his replacement is Kamala Harris, who the public also has a great deal of concern about. People are still very hinky on the concept of her taking over from him.

    Just 38% say Harris is qualified to assume the duties of being president. A large majority of voters (58%) view Harris as unqualified to be president, including a near majority on its own (47%) responding she is “Not At All Qualified,” according to the poll.

    “A desire to get Biden out of the White House does not translate to confidence in his vice president’s qualification to replace him,” Rasmussen Reports wrote in the summary of the poll results.

    So maybe that’s why he picked Kamala? As a hedge against impeachment? At this point, that seems her only value to him.

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